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I Am Finally Doing What I SHOULD Be Doing!

Posted by Bob on March 27th, 2011 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses

I did not write the introduction to me that is on our web page. I did add the part about me being divorced and wildly attractive but the rest came to me whole.

This is kind of thing I love, when our people just DO it and it’s GOOD.

There is a tough line between telling people you know what you are doing and bragging. Some of my stuff on this is either confused or disgusting either way. Then the writer of the summary gave me the perfect way to put it: “Bob Whitaker has been there and done that.”

Lord knows, NOBODY would deny THAT!

And it is an important description.

H. Avenger sometimes complains about how uninvolved I am, but he is the great example of someone who took the torch and runs with it. That’s what I’m AFTER.

But the fact, I AM involved. Writing this stuff is WORK. My development of ideas has gone on steadily as this writing has continued.

I am telling you here what the future is likely to be, but with me, the Future is not a Doctrine, it is a human prediction, and it takes a LOT of thought.

Four thousand articles in twelve years (Thanks, BBG!) requires a LOT of work. In those years, my audience has changed. Then I had to write for a tiny, largely theocratic Southern Nationalist audience.

Only I can see the real change! Try to imagine the terminology we used back then. Almost every paragraph I write contains a term that any other audience would need at least an article to understand. And far more than half of that terminology was developed HERE.

I am working very hard. My predictions are often astonishingly correct, but that is because I am just about the only writer about the Future whose only purpose is to BE right, not to appeal to an audience.

A professor in a real seminar is SUPPOSED to learn as much as his students do.

H. Avenger, who has not only got us thousands of readers and reaches more people than we do, but who got our entire site makeover done. He knows I’m tired and I’m on disability. He is just making it clear that I would be welcome to join in more.

My time and effort is budgeted. A lot of interviewers have given me an open invitation.

But all my time and thought should be HERE now. You have gone so far at picking up my whole system of thought that commenters are way past the stuff I had to devote articles to introducing in earlier years thorough the land mines of touchy people.

This is my golden opportunity. I EARNED it in fifty-five years of being there and going through that in the frustration YOU are now familiar with. Two heart attacks and two nervous breakdowns later, I am not an abandoned old man who was right, but I can think and speak freely HERE with intellectual peers.

This is a real Seminar, the first one in a generation, and every bit of energy I spend elsewhere has to come out of this, my real work.

I am writing and I am reading your comments and that is what I SHOULD be doing.

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  1. #1 by Genseric on 03/27/2011 - 8:47 am

    [quote]but I can think and speak freely HERE with intellectual peers[/quote]

    haha….That’s a funny one Bob……peers….haha!

    I think even the brightest of the troops have light years to go before they can hope to EARN the right to call themselves your peers.

    That was embarrassingly courteous of you to say so. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are embarrassed FOR someone else. That’s what I was feeling as soon as I read that.

    Personally, I am still working with talent on loan from Robert Whitaker for the privilege to even be here. I owe ya’ a million. Oh, hey…Hate to tell you this, but your reward will most likely be in heaven. Thanks, Bob!


  2. #2 by dungeoneer on 03/27/2011 - 11:11 am

    “You have gone so far at picking up my whole system of thought”

    I like to think I`ve adopted it wholesale.There`s been nothing I disagree with either factually or conceptually,so it`s a done deal.

    I`m a proud Whitakerite and that`s all there is to it.

    My repayment to you for my enlightenment will also be my personal revenge on all the shysters for leading me down all those blind-alleys.

  3. #3 by Dave on 03/27/2011 - 11:39 am

    This issue of whether the participants in BUGS either currently or in the future may be intellectual peers of Robert Whitaker is far less important than the fact that there is not one judge, legislator, Congressman or Congresswoman, one law school professor, or other Mommy Professor out there that is his intellectual peer.

    That is what constitutes the transformation to come.

    There is sufficient content alone in Whitakeronline to enable an intelligent and motivated student to build a successful political consultancy. This is the marvelous aspect of the Internet. The Internet out maneuvers the academic and professional guilds so men like Robert Whitaker, who refused to play the game, are not silenced and can build a following.

    This allows folks like Horace Avenger who has considerable skills of his own to receive and use valuable free mentoring; mentoring that would have never been available before the Internet.

    Robert Whitaker is in fact a teacher, but he is the kind of teacher that the Internet has at long last furnished a dais, and that is the kind of teacher who acquired his skills and knowledge from doing, and not from being a member of an academic guild.

    There are a lot of these teachers emerging on the Internet and Robert Whitaker is certainly one of the most important of them.

    I think it is hilarious to watch some of the stars of the Ivy League guilds turn in their resignations because they realize their academic associations are hampering their ability to compete in this new era.

    That is called winning the game from the standpoint of all of us who want to see academia buried and its political influence banished.

    It is what happens day-to-day that matters and what is happening day-to-day is the biggest problem the Establishment has.

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