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Making Unreal Distinctions is a Block to Understanding

Posted by Bob on August 7th, 2011 under Coaching Session

I remember in grad school pointing out to my professors that the Communist religion rejecting genetics and trying to turn summer wheat into winter wheat by planting summer wheat in winter to “teach” it to be winter wheat was the same as the Medieval Church’s attitude toward Galileo.

The professor would furrow his brow and say that it was a “parallel.”

No, it is emphatically NOT a parallel. It is the SAME.

Have you ever played the game where one person at the end of the line whispers a tale to the one beside him in different words, and then the second person whispers it in different words. By the end of a short line there is no relationship to what was said originally.

They used to have “translation machines” on line. They took the words you wrote in English and then translated those words, word by word, into, say German. Then you could take the rather odd statement that you got in German, machine-translate that into French, and then machine translate THAT direct robotic translation into English.

The result had little or no relationship to the original English, so you can imagine what happened when you tried it from English to Japanese to Chinese to English!

I make a huge point that, ” Political Correctness is not LIKE a religion, it IS a religion.” Most people simply think I am making a good sounding propaganda point. But if you understand how the human mind works with language, you will see the point is critical.

If I am writing to you I will refer to the Peace Loving Democratic Republic. The way I use that phrase would require a LOT of explanation to anyone else. I am conveying to you that everything about these murderous, warmongering tyrannies is not only evil, its own language is always the most extreme sort of lie.

You understand without a break in your reading, but if you do NOT understand that it will trip the whole point up. If you are trying to understand the “parallel between the Very Modern Ideals of Marxism rather than simply leaving it in the same category with Torquemada, you and I have a huge difficulty communicating.

I use terms to tell where I am coming from, like Peace Loving Democratic Republic, or Marxist theology, but it’s in the middle of a logical process saying something new about them. But in order to get my point, you have to already have some background, we have to use the same language, not only in the sense of English, but in the sense that we understand the basics.

And one of the hardest basics for me to get across is that the same thing is not a parallel, it is the same thing. You cannot realize how screwed up Mommy Professor is until you get it right into the parietal lobe that there is absolutely no difference between his Marxist drivel and the drivel of an ILLIERATE religious fanatic.

  1. #1 by The Seeker of Truth on 08/07/2011 - 8:35 am

    We got it boss. Nobody likes to be reminded that they have became what they claim to hate.

  2. #2 by BGLass on 08/07/2011 - 8:36 am

    Pandering filth is one of the best-paid occupations available to all citizens– And especially if it’s on message, in the sense that Jerry Springer is no different in themes than Gaga, Madonna, Britney, the NFL, etc. The stage sets of these girl-pole-dance-singers or half-time routines are entirely interchangeable.

    The big pay for filth is explained away by wn by saying that this because it is ‘a demoralization tactic.’ It degrades, beats down the public, etc. Or, occasionally, some will talk about the thematic similarties.

    But nobody talks about how decent people react when surrounded by filth, 24-7 They get MORE moral. They want to distance themselves. They want to fight it. They want to condemn it. They get fired up to fry the heretics.

    Take the queen of england. Wiki says she owns one sixth of the EARTH’S SURFACE. (Lol, what could it even mean?) So why would such a fascinating figure, one of such mind-blowing status, (and one who one suspects couldn’t give a flying f about what others think of her, not really) spend time knighting bono or whatever?

    Should you ask– The movie, ‘the queen,’ explains, implicitly, it’s because she’s a ‘has been,’ who wants to fit in with the public who demands dianas now, the “people’s princesses.’

    Nobody discusses the usefulness of anybody who can command a crowd. Or how the worst filth that is pandered (porn and springer won’t get knighted, just salaried) will make people CRAVE morality.

    Freud seemed the one who most explored how to take core teachings about “heresy” in children, then “sublimate” this—so that the core teaching (killing heretics is good) can be re-engaged and “transfered” (transference being another of his credited contributions), onto other “heretics.” (So whatever one wishes to tell people is heretical can be persecuted).

    So, it does not matter from which point of view one teaches the persecution of heretics, the main teaching is that a) there ARE heretics (by any name) b) it is a duty, even holy with some heavenly payoff, or at least a statue in a public square, to persecute them. c) visions of filth legitimize this process by inducing righteous morality in the condemners. To condemn is good.

    possibly, making stars of criminals can create furious morality in the viewers; that energy can be transfered onto the target. A bottom line— is creating, then engaging and manipulating the persecutional aspect. Also a help in marketing cleaning products, lol

    Nobody cares what things are CALLED. It’s what they do.

  3. #3 by BGLass on 08/07/2011 - 9:12 am

    Internal hard-wiring that does not involve the ‘heretic meme’ creates less predictable human subjects, (in terms of what internal-buttons one could push to make them act.)

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