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T. Boone Pickens and Plato’s Man in a Cave

It is true that under certain circumstances culture can make race unimportant. If a black, a white, and a dog are all chained in a dark cave their entire lives, they will not come out very different from each other.

White trash loves cruelty because it is the only way they can have power. It takes talent and intelligence to make people laugh. It takes an IQ below that of an animal to make people cry.

Communism managed to keep three hundred million white people and a billion Chinese at a third world level while Japan and Western Europe soared. Today everybody is talking about how fast China is growing.

If you take the white man, the black man, and the dog out of that cave, you can use any measure you want to and you will find that each of them improves at an astounding rate.

So Mommy Professor, who imposed the chains of Socialism in the first place, will rush to us with more advice. He will say that this proves that there is no genetic difference between a white man and black man, or for that matter between a black man and a dog, because all of them are improving rapidly, the dog probably faster than the other two.

To clinch this, he will point out that HITLER said there was GENETIC difference.

Now let us follow some money. Leftist billionaires have two places to invest their money, one side for charity and another side for investment. They will donate billions to Mommy Professor on the philanthropic side, but not one dime of their INVESTMENT money will go into the assumption that t a billion Africans are as good an investment as a billion Chinese.

I repeat, if China were black, nobody would be putting bets on her future prosperity.

But respectable conservatives are dumber than the liberals they worship. It was breathtaking when T. Boone Pickens violated the silly philanthropy versus investment rule and sunk two billion dollars of INVESTMENT money into the windmills and the bureaucrats’ solution Mommy Professor advocated.

Of COURSE he lost it all. No liberal billionaire would do anything that retarded.



Economic Theology Rides Again

I have said over and over through the years that no one whose first priority is economics has ever solved an economic problem. Hitler stated flatly that a problem he faced in leading a political party was that he had to come up with economic proposals, and he had never had the slightest interest in any economic theory.

So when the Depression came, only one new regime promptly solved it, and in the country known for having the worst depression of all.

Smallpox was not the first disease wiped out in white countries while it was still a major problem in Asia within my memory. Leprosy was wiped out in the Middle Ages by Europeans, who treated lepers as lepers.

In the 1960s lepers were still begging in the streets in Saigon.

No white countries were as unsuccessful, to say the least, than the Communist ones whose whole basis of life was an economic theology. The world has totally forgotten that Japan was a third-world country until after World War II.

Japan was the first country ever to have a per capita income equal to that of the United States a generation later.

China, meanwhile, was a third world country legendary for its poverty and went DOWN after the Reds took over. China was the bastion of pure Communist economic ideology and Japan had no economic philosophy at all.

Nixon once said, “We are all Keynesians now.” His history was wrong. He quoted the liberal line that economists had demanded a balanced budget in the middle of the Depression, as Keynes said they did. A friend of mine did his dissertation on that subject and proved that not one single economist at the time had advocated balancing the budget in a time of depression.

ALL economists in the actual 1930s advocated anything but a debt-based stimulus of the kind Hitler used to snatch Germany out of its depression. It was the bankers, and the Democratic platform of 1932, that demanded a balanced budget. The bankers had their theology out of economics.

But in a sense Nixon was right. Keynes’ big work was his General Theory in 1936. It was a theology of how government could keep the economy running right. In that sense, they are all Keynesians now.

National interest, race, and all the other considerations have been thrown out. We do not talk about racial survival, but only of affirmative action. We do not talk about having the immigration our national interest requires, but about the theology of “a nation of immigrants.”

Making a theology of economics, whether libertarian or Marxist or Federal Reserve “fine tuning the economy,” is always a failure, and for an obvious reason. Once you decide on an economic theology, you cannot just take care of the economy and go on. You have no choices if your whole philosophy dictates ONE approach to economics.

Hitler did have an economic theology. It was called Lebensraum, the idea that Germany had to take territory to survive. If Germany had concentrated on itself instead of expansion, it would have remained the success it was in 1936, when it alone had solved its economic problems.

This is why America cannot understand Islam. The US is absolutely mystified by people who are really upset about our siding with their enemy Israel. There has to be an economic motive behind it.

Socialists, Randians, economic conservatives, income distribution liberals, Tea Party types demanding an end to abortions and deficits, none of them understand why, in a world where all motivations are economic, a person will blow himself to Kingdom Come without some “practical” motivation.

And, chained as we are to two parties whose only serious basis is two conflicting economic theologies, we keep worrying over deficits until the next crisis makes us forget them and run them up.

The big push to take care of the Runaway Deficits which crested with Ross Perot first in the polls for the presidency against BOTH major parties was forgotten by September 12, 2001.

It’s Big News again.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about something that matters.



H. Avenger Reminds Us of Another Impossible Victory

People come into the struggle and they leave for various reasons. I doubt Hunter or William will stop being white. Nor do I believe they will stop caring. Furthermore, being a dissident is a tough business and everyone needs a break every now and then.

WN are going through what Soviet Dissidents went through in the last stages of the Soviet Union. Who in the hell wants to be a Soviet Dissident? It was a recipe for a lot of abuse and generally they looked like masochists to the public. Of course, the public agreed with the Dissidents. That was the problem for the Soviet Union. The public agreed with the dissidents even if they did not have the courage to become one. The challenge was that saying the wrong thing in the Soviet Union and you would lose your job or worse….the Gulag.

Their struggle was very similar to ours. The white public will always agree with the average WN or Paleoconservative on almost every issue just as the Soviet Public would agree with the Dissidents on all the issues.

What happened in the Soviet Union to change things for the better? Well the big activity was in regards to something called Samizdat. Samizdat were basically the pamphlets or even little newspapers that carried their message. The problem for the dissidents was always the same. They mostly wrote their Samizdat to cater to other dissidents! And there was always lots of back biting etc. So how did they turn things around and help make history bringing down the Soviet Union?

A handful of the dissidents started listening to actual professionals who helped them fine tune their message to a razor’s edge. A small group of dissidents came out with a very similar message against the system. They basically learned to say WHAT they wanted to say without going to the Gulag. They stopped writing to other dissidents and starting writing for the public. This in turn spread like wild fire. Why? Because the public always wanted to be against the system. They always wanted to say something. Now they could do it without losing their jobs or worse.

The Soviet Union was soon gone and very few realized what had happened. Then the Dissidents became very famous and some even wealthy. But they never became famous for nitpicking and writing to other Dissidents. In fact, those facts are all but forgotten right along with the invincible Soviet Machine.



The Irish Texans

It hasn’t been long in historical terms since Ireland was the Poor Man of Northern Europe. The Irish considered not only England, but even LIVERPOOL, as paved with gold.

Others may not mention this historical fact, but the Irish are very, very aware of their own recent history.

So while the fact went unnoticed in the rest of the world, per capita income in Ireland is now higher than English per capita income for the first time in known history.

Nor have the Irish kept this to themselves as a secret. The English are considered to be very reserved. Those of the Land of the Blarney Stone are less reserved. They have a tendency to treat reservation somewhat less seriously than the English.

In fact, people from the Emerald Isle are more like Texans.

So the fact that Ireland is now richer than England has been ignored in Ireland the way Texans ignore their oil wells.

So why is this flip flop not something the rest of the world proclaims?

One major reason for this silence underlies the whole discussion of Culture versus Race.

A racial view of the world looks upon economics as an effect, not a cause. People do not invest in Mexico because Mexico is the product of Mexicans. That is a point of view that is absolute heresy today.

It is also true.

It is assumed that China, like Japan, will eventually approach a Western standard of production. It is not assumed Haiti ever will. It hasn’t been that long since China and Japan were on a par with Haiti. Asia was assumed to be a desperately poor place.

While Japan and Germany were performing economic miracles after WWII, China and Eastern Europe stagnated while sending out reports of economic growth under Five Year Plans that dwarfed those of Japan and Western Europe.

Those economic reports were a major part of public dialogue in the 1960s. If you looked up a country in the World Almanac, the reported per capita income was part of it. Communist countries were catching up with the United States.

But in the end, everything came out as we would have predicted, as I did predict. Once rid of the democratic socialism Mommy Professor advocated, India became a net EXPORTER of wheat. Without Communism, the relatively small population of Japan vastly out produced a billion Chinese.

The rule is that Orientals can copy and equal the West. White countries without Communism will naturally rise to be like other white countries.

This is an assumption that is as deep in our thinking as is the Mantra, and is never mentioned for the same reason.

If China were black, the expectations everybody has of it now that it is going into the market system would not be what they are. A billion Africans are going nowhere. A billion Chinese are assumed to be going far.

Nobody mentions that, just as no one mentions that all this “melting pot” crap only applies to white countries.

The fact that Ireland has achieved its economic status as a white country surprises nobody.

But it is also MENTIONED by nobody.

Except the Irish themselves.



Mantra Evolution

Before founding Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill W went to Switzerland to see one of the world’s top psychiatrists about his alcoholism. He was told that alcoholism was something that psychiatry could not handle.

Now psychiatrists and talk therapists make their livings in alcohol and drug recovery. But their pricey talk sessions are accompanied by regular daily AA meetings. Even these talk therapists never claim that they deal with alcoholism. They say their sessions are a supplement, a search for OTHER problems alcoholics might have.

I had all too much time to think about why a bunch of amateur drunks built an organization which seems to be able to deal with alcoholism itself better than any professionals could ever claim to.

Once I began sponsoring people I came to the conclusion that the big difference between talk therapy and AA is that AA has EVOLVED in the real world.

If you are a sponsor and what you are doing doesn’t WORK, you will be in the emergency room or at the funeral to see the results.

The key here is that AA is based on evolution, not on theory. For most of a century members of AA have had to face every day the immediate results of what they are doing.

There have been millions of live subjects for this evolution.

There is no AA theory. A sponsor is on his own. The only score is on your conscience. Each alcoholic selects his own sponsor and I have turned down far more than I dared take on. I will never know whether my failures might have survived if they had had another sponsor.

But that, I have concluded, is exactly the point. You can never tell yourself, as a therapist can, that you did your best. A therapist simply makes sure he has done all his theory requires.

You attend the funeral and nobody can assure you did the best you could.

Evolution is the science of screwing up. It put hooves on early carnivores and they died out. Evolution still pins tails on human babies, and will continue to do so, but the ones with visible tails die out, so nature tries it again.

The Mantra evolved. I keep trying to explain to people that it developed from thousands of head-to-head encounters, rather than from a theory of what a good argument might be.

This is a hell of a lot harder than theorizing about killer arguments. That is the developing difference between BUGS and Stormfront. In actual conflict, be it changing minds or the result of failing to do what is called for, you cannot do what you planned on beforehand.

That is why General Comments 6 is becoming the heart of BUGS. Our field of action changes almost daily as desbots block the Mantra and new pro-whites find out what the real, daily limits on our action are. We evolve daily.

The one thing neither psychiatrists trying to deal with alcoholism nor Stormfront ever had was field reports.

And all the drilling on earth cannot prepare one for actual combat.


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