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Dave on Mantra Thinking


“Robert Whitaker really did a number on us with the Mantra. Its IMPLICATIONS are bigger than even he knows. He lifted the veil off the whole damn thing. He reconnected white people with reality.”

It is one thing to hear me theorize about Mantra Thinking. As Dave says, it is another thing entirely when you finally start DOING it.

It seems contradictory that I demand that BUGSERS concentrate on the Mantra, and the Mantra alone, with a Prussian discipline, yet I myself talk about a range of subjects.

Prussian discipline WORKS. photo imagesCAMO4O1E_zps17e45c2b.jpg

Our tiny but disciplined effort has had tremendous effects. I may be in a better position to see a lot of it but commenters comment on it regularly. I notice, as one small example, that the original standard replies all pro-whites got at first have, after fifty years, actually changed. The statement that whites do not exist, once omnipresent, has gone down vastly.

This means that even people who have not actually heard the Mantra itself have been effected by it.

The Mantra has attracted enormous attention. I keep reminding you that the enemy’s single weapon is and always has been The Silence, that is, they no longer have white supremacists on TV talk shows, but act as if they don’t exist.

A new Prussian officer was as disciplined as he forced his men to be. A junior officer did not discuss general strategy. An officer was trained to keep all eyes on the fight while he was selected for promotion. As time passed, some of these officers evolved into some of the greatest ground war strategists who ever lived.

We must keep our discipline but at the same time absorb how to fight as the fight changes. What I must do is give you some training in strategic thinking without encouraging BUGS to degenerate into a TOQ or Stormfront general discussion group. Your practical discussions, especially in the real work group, and Dave’s quote above shows I have done a pretty good job of this.

Especially considering that for many, many years, I was the ONLY person who understood what needed to be done. I am the ONLY person who has done any job of this.

I cannot define what Mantra Thinking is. I made it indispensable in the fall of the USSR, in saving the Space Telescope, and in other practical — to say the least — matters.

Nor am I doing this with a clear idea of where it is going. In fact, an integral part of any real world strategy is NOT assuming you know the future.

People usually declare what the future will be in order to encourage themselves. I am comfortable NOT taking that tranquillizer because I have actually WON a lot of fights, and if the Names in each decade had gone along with me I would have won more.

Dave cuts to the point: This is a way of thinking.

I have complained that commenters always lose the point I am making by leaping on some historical incident or news event I mention or giving out their World View.

Well, it’s better than silence but I would trade almost all of our standard comments for one like Dave’s. What I want understood is a way of thinking, a way of looking at things.