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Reading Bob’s Stuff

I am useful, not for knowing what you don’t know, but for noticing what you don’t notice.

Most of the time commenters STILL don’t notice what is original. If I point out that nobody discusses the fall of the Soviet Union, someone trots out a Golden Oldie about how bad Communism is or news bias.

Most of my articles get no comments on the most pregnant parts.

Why the USSR fell is embarrassing to every side in the 1980s. It was a total miss by all the experts. If one discusses it, he may even wonder why Sovietologists are never embarrassed about the ultimate failure of all their predictions.
None of these experts, even associated with those of us who brought down the USSR, were astonished about how quickly it happened. We knew the USSR was a house of cards and completely ridiculous, and acted on it. Photobucket

But if we had concentrated on the ideological weakness of Marxism or the other crap they got paid for, the USSR would still be there.

“We can bring down the USSR if we realize it is silly and act on that reality.” When I wrote that repeatedly, it was universally looked on as hick bait.

When I use enormous historical examples to show what Hearing the Silence is, no comment goes ahead and talks about ANOTHER giant boner from the Silence.

We now have a tiny number of BUGSERS who discuss expertly how to use the Mantra out in the real battle place.

Now I would like some commenters to start reading an article before reacting to it.

You can put the latest gossip about Enron someplace else — PLEASE do.

Enron, like the USSR, means for US that experts don’t interpret the realities right.

As long as they write to order, the fact that their subject did not exist is tossed into the Silence.

On September 12 I told you that no one would get punished for allowing 9/11 to happen. Being a professional, I told you then that those who allowed 9/11 would get promoted. They were the experts when it happened, so they are experts on The Crisis.

That point bounced right off readers then and now.

The lessons I worked with to get my money and incidentally destroy the USSR are lost in “Guess what I found” stuff.

This is a lesson that is almost impossible to explain, so I certainly don’t expect even you to get it right off.

But it is something you should be working on mentally.



Stephen King’s Interesting Subtext

In Salem’s Lot and Needful Things, two tiny cities in Maine are completely destroyed and deserted. I say small cities, not one horse towns. Each has its car dealers, it police force, its library, its own schools.

What seems not to be noticed is that both towns were destroyed in a supernatural catastrophe. One becomes the abode of vampires and its town exit removed.

But afterwards, there is no real puzzle about their obliteration. Small cities are wasting away in New England all the time.

But what fascinates me is how they were forgotten and never investigated.Photobucket

And, though he says it many times in other ways, King did include on sentence in the midst of the whole thing that really sums it up “It didn’t happen in New York or Boston…”

And that, boys and girls, is the Silence. King doesn’t apply it to politics, but it is everywhere. There was no Enron crisis. The thing just didn’t exist.

A wildly rich guy who got caught a few years ago for simply taking people’s entire life savings destroying one person after another. He was a Psychopath. When he was finally arrested, his statement to the arresting officers was, “What took you so LONG?”

He had pocketed and spent the money old people gave him. Like Ponzi of the Ponzi Scheme, he didn’t skip town in the YEARS that he invested nothing.

King simply wrote his books about the disappearance of the entire population of two towns and readers really had no difficulty believing it.

Media stars routinely referred to the entirety of the United States between New York and Los Angeles as “flyover country.”

These are the kinds of people who write our history and who represent expert opinion on politics.

One point King and his tens of millions of readers took for granted to the point of not asking about it was that those who report our news, determine our politics, and write our news are provincial to a level that even the most inbred hick could possibly imagine.




In 1959 I met a German guy who had been a member of the German National Party in the 1920s. He showed me picture of a National Party picnic with himself and Adolf Hitler standing together for a photo in front of the outdoor table.

It was a bit of a surprise, because when one thinks of Adolf Hitler, one does not picture him at a picnic.

Further, at the time the photo was taken the head of the National Socialist Party was not that big a
celebrity. In 1928, the NSDAP got one percent of the vote, while the National Party was part of the governing coalition..

By the late twenties the more respectable conservatives had taken the German government out of the hands of the socialists and communists who had taken over Bavaria and led the revolutionary group that unseated the Kaiser and surrendered.

My point is that Hitler took over because, in the 1932 election, the respectable right disappeared.

Communists and Nazis combined had a majority in the Reichstag after the 1932 election.

So the results of 2012 are not all that sure. Photobucket

In the United States, the Free Soil Party got less than one percent of the vote in 1848. Then the real parties were Democrats and Whigs. The last Whig president, Millard Fillmore, ran third in 1856 as the American Party’s nominee

By 1856 the Whigs were as dead as the Eternal Other Superpower was in 1990..

The Republicans, whose basic platform was based on Free Soil, were the second real party, and in 1860 it took over with a program that ended up making Free Soil look proslavery.

The problem is that all of this is totally novel to people who keep up with the news.

When the paycheck Whigs disappeared, they were succeeded by people who, in the context of the time, were wild extremists, “Black Republicans.”

When the paycheck right disappeared, Germany got, not socialists or communists, but Nazis. In November 1932 the world press still thought Hitler would put the Kaiser back in. Nobody, but nobody in the establishment knew more about the real NSDAP than the paid Sovietologist knew about the zombie that was their meal ticket.

Mommy Professor assures the kiddies that he knows the inevitable future. But he or she is also very aware that the horse they back keeps having a stroke.

They don’t know how to express this because the establishment is simply not made of people as smart about or as concentrated on political reality as I am.

They, like the paycheck right, are not comfortable with anyone who is smarter than they are.

They read books by people who write things to order. They elect people who are on their level. People who make wrong predictions that they like.

And they’re SCARED.




The right assumed their opponents had won it all in 2012.

As I said in “It Just Ain’t So I,” it is hard to overstate how tiny we are compared to those in power.

But when I got into politics, the USSR was so permanent that even conservative science fiction writers included them in the future on a par with the West.

I remember when the left used the language of power and confidence. I know exactly what it sounds like when the other side is comfortable in power. They use those WORDS now, but they radiate fear, even terror.

Old science fiction has network TV in the far future. Astronauts are using clipboards. If you ever think you have a solid grip on the future, read some old science fiction and you will be cured.

Establishment thinkers really don’t do much thinking. Exactly like paycheck conservatives, they write to order. It doesn’t matter if they are dead wrong. If they say what pleases their readers and book buyers, the wildest absurdity goes into the Silence.

No Sovietologist lost his job over the fact that, without any warning, his subject disappeared from the face of the earth without his having a hint of it.

They’re Russianologists or Slavologists now, promoted and paid well to tell people all about the future of POST-Soviet countries. They never say it but everybody knows it. Once again, an expert is a person who made the crisis he is called in to solve.
Nobody ever discusses what happened to the USSR.

At all.

It is in the Silence.

But the fact that it is in the Silence does not mean that the establishment has forgotten it. In fact, the collapse of what they really believed was The Future injured the psychology of the left badly. No one will ever mention that economists, Intelligence and the CIA all agreed almost unanimously that the USSR was catching up with the United States in per capita income.

The “Centrally Planned Economy” was the future, and only hicks and anti-intellectuals disagreed.

It is almost impossible to explain how the paycheck left was shocked by the end of the Inevitable Future.

They were shocked when the Clintons lost just as abruptly as the USSR had when blacks tossed them out for a REAL black. There are many, many examples like this, but it takes too much explaining because you, too, keep thinking about The Latest Thing rather than the catastrophe which is going right into the Silence.

It is not comfortable when your overwhelming power rests on concepts where you know It Just Ain’t So.

In fact, the paycheck left is exactly like the paycheck right. The existence of their establishment became more and more dependent upon the “Both Sides” myth. The Election of 2012 gives them feelings much like those when the Inevitable Future simply disappeared.

Suddenly the screaming minorities have taken over. They did it in the NAME of the paycheck left. But how would you like to be rich man or a white newsman who has always assumed he represented the tame minorities against the right?

The paycheck left is as scared as the paycheck right.

IJAS III will give you some history to explain that nameless fear



The “It Just Ain’t So” Problem

It surprises a lot of us that when we repeat the Mantra, most of the reaction is FEAR. To us it looks like, especially since the election, anti-whites have won and we are so out numbered it would the three hundred Spartans look like an invasion force.

You don’t go to pieces when somebody disagrees with you unless you are scared. Almost every one of them would like to see us in prison or worse.

You don’t have to act like a big time interrogator the way I do to see that people who are confident simply don’t respond that way. Hatred is a product of fear, and nob0ody gets that vicious if they are in the catbird seat.

They see this themselves. They use the language of dismissal, telling us that they own the world and that we are just ignorant.

The language they have been given is that of feeling superior and invulnerable. But in the real world, a person who FEELS that the other side is ignorant and out of date and hopeless is very, very calm. In fact, it is hard to believe they are afraid of our little group, but one cannot miss it.

We see all those anti-white conservatives who, last month, were brought into the world where they had simply lost, and lost forever.

That helps clear the field of the people I called out most effective enemies over 35 years ago, the paycheck conservatives

They are still trying to recover from the simple fact that The Day has come:

As Ann Coulter pointed out, demographics is destiny.

That fact is now naked.

The paycheck conservatives learned hot to get accepted by those handing out the network exposure and the money. They were the main force in keeping race under the table. They were paid a fortune for the simple phrase : “It has nothing to do with race.”

But it was funny when Karl Rove admitted the “people of color” do not vote Republicans, and the audience got a laugh out of his answer, packaged, and required, “But they SHOULD, and it’s our fault they don’t!”

By the end of Election Day 2012, the lie Buckley and George Will and the entire paycheck conservative structure had literally lived on for fifty years was finally, openly laughable.Photobucket

For fifty years, it was not just the paycheck conservatives who made a hefty, safe career of this. The left were always able to count on paycheck conservatism to keep them in power. It is not at all certain that those minorities, who were absolutely, obviously the story in 2012, are going to keep anti-white whites on as spokesmen.

The respectable right has collapsed in Germany, too. The result was not altogether happy for the German left.

I will go into this in a later article, probably “IJAS II.”