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A Belated Thank You Note

Backbaygrouch, our BBG, is the person who has been putting the pictures beside my articles lately.   It is a delight for me to see them, but nobody has said anything about them. photo awshucks_zpse19c7877.jpg

I want to thank BBG for this work.   How he finds an illustration to fit the article is mystery to me, but that is the kind of thing I get good people here to do.

To me, having good people come along as you work is MUCH better than having a Direct Command or Great Leader status.

I have seen too many Great Detailed Plans go down the tubes.   BUGS has been steady process of evolution, and taking the lead while letting evolution take its course is a little appreciated art.

So from my point of view, the fact that a highly talented man came here and did the pictures entirely off his own bat, without any instructions from me, is a point of pride.