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GREAT News From Adelheim on Sweden!

Adelheim : Reporting from the front, just an update for you Bob.

One anti-white magazine in Sweden (tiny one, but I think it is in print) was writing about what they called the «Mantra Movement» in Sweden.

They wrote that the Mantra Movement said “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” They described several things we say.  photo swedenflag_zps0dc9a49c.jpg

They are starting to respond to our work here in Sweden. The anti-whites can’t ignore us in Sweden. It is interesting because we have not had this effort put forward

In Norway. I see the difference between where we have been pushing and where we have not been pushing.

In Sweden the pro-whites are more and more using the term anti-white. And the anti-whites themselves are beginning to write about us on their sites and denying that what is happening is genocide.

In Norway we have almost none of this.

They even said that “An anti-racist manifestation last summer” was cancelled because they felt the pressure from the Swedish swarm.

Even though the anti-whites think there is a whole ‘movement’ and a large swarm of bugsters in Sweden, there are in fact only a handful people that are actively pushing the mantra. A proof that it only takes a few to spread a message.

More and more people are indirectly starting to use the terminology in various sites and forums, as well as blogs and other media.