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History I

I keep writing about the fact that this is the first time in history where starvation is not permitted to happen. The only exception is the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. Its name is not North Korea.

Nobody seems to get my point.

No non-white would be willing to give up what the white man has given him. When I was coming up, this was the basis of our attitude toward non-whites. It was OUR technology, and we had as much right to its results as any Soviet had to his privileges for being the son of a Party Member or a peasant, or a Kennedy to the money that was made before he was born by his father.

In short, we took it for granted that THEY owed US.

But that was before the WWII Generation mentality really kicked in. Military training was primitive, It was straight brainwashing, as practiced by the North Koreans on American POWs. Twelve million people who went into the service as male Americans came out obedience trained.

Half of them then took GI Benefits and went straight to Mommy Professor.

If you will read what happened in the Roswell Incident, the same sort of mentality was spread in the general population by rationing and what was called Patriotism: Obedience, Obedience, Obedience. Photobucket

Please do not comment on Roswell. The point here is that in the post-WWII environment, officers and soldiers routinely used language and commands one expects only in a dictatorship, the language Americans had become familiar with during The War.

No anti-white could HAVE the media he is blocking without whites.

To us, the sort of groveling that is routine today would have been unthinkable.

To have the benefits of food, health, and heat and cooling when needed, coloreds had to go through hard times earning heir way in. Our people had had to live through the hard times and INVENT the new world.

Twenty years back, a Canadian documentary showed the lives of Esquimos from old films from when they still made igloos. But there was a regular subscript running under the entire documentary: “NO ONE LIVES THIS WAY TODAY,” to make it clear Canada had not left the Esquimos in that misery.

Misery? The wonderful Living WITH Nature that every native enjoyed before the Evil White Man came?

Canada did not think about this politically incorrect implication of the subscript. The fact is, no non-white would be willing to give up white innovations at any price. But whites raised by the WWII Generation don’t have the guts to say it.