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The Swarm is NOT a Sandbox!

I remember all the decades I spent with the important things on the right, especially MY important things on the right, being ignored. So I am particularly upset when someone puts a link in the Swarm to a YouTube section and I look at some dork talking about God knows what.

Usually it’s an anti-white YouTube with a hundred thousand or more views already.

And, of course, we had the routine one that showed that JEWS were supporting multiculturalism.

Wow, WHAT a news item!

The people who put this crap in usually don’t even have the courtesy to say what they ARE.

These things keep our attention, RIGHT HERE IN SWARM, OFF of our people who have done special Youtubes, at considerable cost in their own time and effort.

Play your dumbass little Obsession games elsewhere. Put your latest “cute, look at this” Youtube in Stormfront.

This is all we have.

Don’t pollute it.



Jews Are Making Anti-Semitism Permanent

The funny thing is, all the Jewish Obsessionists against the Mantra are the best friends anti-white Jews have. The fact is that Jewish spokesmen have made it blatantly clear that official Jewish opinion is a major driver in white genocide.

It doesn’t matter at all whether there WAS a Jewish Conspiracy. “I am Jewish, so…” has become synonymous with “I want whites done away with.” All the mainline Protestant denominations shrunk up and began to disappear as they more and more abandoned old religious doctrines and began to desperately insist they were “relevant” and became Social Cause groups.

As the Special Cause of the Future crap began to age out with the media image of hippies as social causers, the population was going up and mainline Protestant membership was dropping like a rock with lead in it. They lost tens of millions of people who had previously been members for generations, and identified themselves as Methodists or Lutherans the way they identified their name as Smith or Jones.

And it was actually worse than it looked. When any population survey is done, half at least of those who answer tell the questioner which church they attended back when they were attending church on orders from their parents. The overwhelming majority of Methodists in America haven’t see the inside of a Methodist church since their parent’s funerals.

My doctor brother died a “Methodist” but he was buried in a Baptist cemetery. He hadn’t seen the inside of a Methodist Church since a wedding about 1961.

Jews have gone out of their way to be totally, completely, irrevocably a part of ridding the world of the white race. You don’t have to tell anybody that, THEY have.

The anti-Mantra Jewish Obsessionists should be, maybe to a great extent are, recipients of that huge Jewish money they are always talking about. They are the best investments the wildly, loudly anti-white Jewish leadership could possibly make.



The Big Trendy

There are the Politically Correct and there is also the group that thinks of itself as the Independent Thinkers.

I remember one incident when the height of Trendy Crowd fashion was a bumper sticker that showed they had taken up Caring for Animals in the same way that YUPPIES had. The Trendy Crowd started imitating the YUPPIES they worship, who were Caring for Animals at that moment. As always, every one of these people who went for the current trend, then as now, firmly believed he was being an Independent Thinker.

Hell, everybody TOLD him he was an Independent Thinker, because what he was doing was what All the other tens of millions of Independent Thinkers were doing.

So the Independent Thought of the tens of millions was to put a sticker on their car that said “I Brake for Animals,” as the fashion of that month was Care for Animals.

The problem was, they immediately began causing all the old cumbersome trucks to jackknife as they made a show of Concern for the Cat.

Pretty soon truckers began to put on bumper stickers: “I do NOT brake for people who brake for animals.”

Pretty soon they traded in that IT slogan for another.

I went through one phase of this IT stuff when I was in the drug and alcohol program.

The Universalist Unitarian Church has no religion, so it devotes itself entirely to whatever is trendy with the Yuppies right now. I call them “The First Church of Whatever’s Cool.”

One month the Trendy Cause was Narcotics Recovery. So they invited us to have meetings in their church.

Two months after that anti-smoking was the Big Trendy.

So they kicked us out.

You know, if people who are sick of this nonsense just started using the term “Big Trendy”, as in “Yes, what you are saying is the Big Trendy right now”, we could BURY a lot of this crap.

One commenter pointed out that “anti-white” was a term you simply DID NOT HEAR until we got started.

A Warning, the term “anti-white AND anti-Semitic” was used a lot, but “anti-white” as a stand alone was totally absent from ALL public dialogue. I remember because  of the reaction I hit when I put it one of John Ashbrook’s speeches. His entire staff other than me thought the term “anti-white” would ruin his political career.

So before absolutely everybody takes credit for it in a few years, let us enjoy our uniqueness.



Yes, They Really ARE That Way!

One of my greatest problems was always to make people understand that our enemies’ dialogue is not even at a human level. People complain about the length of the Mantra, and I see our people are correcting that in Swarm, but the point is that that couple of hundred words covers every single “argument” you will ever hear on the other side in books, “seminars,” or the automatic thousands of words you will get back when you get into the “debate.”

But you can’t truly BELIEVE that, EMPATHIZE with that, until you get out there and DEAL with them.

The anti-Mantra discussions at

serve much the same purpose.

Why HAVE we wasted over a generation talking to each other and leaving anti-whites unscathed? How COULD anybody be so STUPID?

And in the above link, they tell you how.

The self-appointed Royal Prosecutor declares that our efforts are useless, 1) because the Truth cannot be told because of screams of racism and Nazism and, 2) an internet-based strategy will not work because the other side controls the REAL media. He says “somebody” must take over the REAL media.

But since his “somebody” is afraid even to use his name in a public argument, how is “somebody” going to take over the entire national media establishment?

Actually, all the thousands of words the anti-Mantra group uses here contains not one single syllable about what THEY are DOING. The one thing they are all doing is shivering in a corner because the other side is so mean and scares them with words like Nazi.

None of them is doing anything that hasn’t been done for the last two generations. Most of them aren’t doing even that.

The point that you must realize is that this is what has constituted the entire pro-white movement for two generations, and without BUGS it would be all they do today.

I can tell you that, over and over, but there is no substitute for you actually having a place where you can SEE it. That is the only way you can realize how subhuman anti-whites are, that is, by getting in there and facing them.

But unlike anti-whites, who are in control of everything, these anti-Mantra pro-whites are not worth much attention. They are of historical interest, to demonstrate what Kelso points out, that the entire pro-white movement has been Absent Without Leave for fifty years.

The only real pro-whites, us BUGSERS, have FINALLY come charging in.



The Anti-Mantra Crowd Comes Out of Hiding

The Occidental Observer had an article where the Mantra was approach was praised, which is presented and discussed at

But what is important here is that, in this discussion, the anti-Mantra crowd has finally come out from under cover. They have previously been using the same strategy that the anti-white establishment uses, simply putting everything about the Mantra into the Memory Hole and acting like it doesn’t exist.

I hope that the example set by TOO in talking about the Mantra strategy openly will be followed by others.

There was the usual guy who has apparently appointed himself Royal Prosecutor who put in thousands of words attacking me and the Mantra. He reminds me of the old kooks you find at small meetings who preside, not because they have been elected by anybody, but they simply have this idea they are the chairman.

He said I am just like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I don’t think he requires any courtesy after a personal insult like that. If he knew anything about us, he would know that calling me a respectable conservative is a really vicious slur.

Nobody who criticizes us at TOO shows any sign of having READ anything of ours. I have repeatedly observed that Hannity said David Duke was a Nazi because he opposes interracial marriage. But you would have to have READ our stuff to know that, and personal insults are just so much easier for the Royal Prosecutor.

But let us trace the discussion. Let’s begin at the end. As the discussion wore down, the pro-white anti-Mantra crowd agreed that, gee, the major problem is that we are silenced by charges of racism and Holocaust stuff.

In other words, they finally doddered towards reality which is where the Mantra Strategy BEGINS.

It is an attempt to get us out of this position of being suppressed that the old stuff, the stuff the anti-Mantra crowd is defending, got us into. They declare the glory of a “leadership” that has spend generations getting us into this position where they can’t say anything for fear of “racism” and the Holocaust

The Mantra puts the genocide charge on anti-whites where it belongs. It uses their suppression against them.

We must get rid of this open oppression, we must get free speech before anyone has the right to answer us at all.

So the anti-Mantra group ended up where it always ends up: sniveling about how suppressed we are, and how hopeless it all is.