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BUGS Began as Southern Nationalist

A new commenter calls himself Southern Nationalist. What became began its existence as part of the League of the South Online.

When the League of the South split, I continued writing for both sides. Since WOL was the most popular column on both web sites, they accepted this, but of course considered me a false friend.

Finally I took the big step and set out as WOL alone.

Both sides in the LOS banned discussion of race. In fact at the beginning it was frequently claimed that the Confederate Army had a huge number of blacks in it! The LOS also tried to get a good image by claiming the CSA would be melting pot, just like today‘s USA.

Which, of course, left it to us murmurers to wonder why we should leave the Big USA to become a small USA. Both sides in the split went along with this version of today’s BNP idea of sounding just like the mainstream. Prevented from saying anything good about my own people, I used the column in the early days to chide both sides. That’s when I made “respectable conservative,” a combination never used, and certainly never explained, by anyone before.

So welcome to my comrade, Southern Nationalist.

But am I a Southern Nationalist now?

That goes right along with the question, am I an American patriot now?

That would depend on what those words MEAN, of course. Today, that is the way the Patriots hook you. People worship the American soldiers in Afghanistan, but I don’t. To often they will say they are Americans and will then immediately say, in effect, that they have no loyalty whatever to the American people, as in “We the People.”

Their eyes go blank and they say they are not for “We the People,” which would be bigoted and nationalist, but for the “Principles America stands for.”

In the Declaration of Independence, which was written in a time of a war for survival, Jefferson was appealing for help from abroad. Jefferson realized that simply saying “We the People” would not appeal to OTHER peoples in France and England.

By contrast, when we actually wrote and ADOPTED our OWN Constitution, it began by saying that we are the people of the United States who wanted to make a better union FOR OURSELVES.

And WE adopted it.

From the point of view of the Constitution, this “principles” crap is treason.

A Higher Principle is, in fact, the very first thing every traitor claims.

You can be a Wordist, or you can be a nationalist. Look at the Muslims in the US Army. It is a matter of their faith and culture versus this bureaucracy that has given them a piece of paper to make them “documented.”

In the real world, that “principles” rap is an excuse to shoot your own guys in the back.

Or to destroy your own race in the name of Americanism.