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More Mantra Thinking II

Read I before you read this II.

If you are to be a successful senior staff your Member calls on in questioning, you have to know up front that people act like people. When a genuine military hero and honest man testifies about military expenditures, he BELIEVES that same lie his less honest compatriots do not.

When a leftist idealist testifies, and there ARE real ones, you should not be up there if you don’t have a nasty little mind that starts with the assumption that he will testify just like Father Mommy Professor would.

You wouldn’t have the slightest difficulty making this a part of your thinking as if we were talking about industrial lobbyists.

But with Idealists, your first thought must be, “What’s the agenda?”

No, not “What’s his EVIL agenda?” Father Mommy Professor explains Forbes’ dedication to free market by the fact that he is filthy rich. But the fact is that Forbes GENUINELY believes in the free market.

When a dedicated leftist professional educator demands bigger government, incidentally including a much larger education budget, it is not because one of the Learned Elders whispered this to him at the regular 3 am meeting in the White House.

In South Carolina, the biggest lobby against expanding the rights of weapons’ permit holders is SLED, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

US Steel wants to control steel imports, SLED wants to control weapons the way they used to.

In the old days, I knew the only man in South Carolina without a badge who had the statewide permit to carry a gun.

The chief of SLED liked him.

Control of guns is the main prerogative the profession of law enforcement has.

Every human being in every occupation is touchy about the one thing his occupation controls.

This includes honest policemen. This includes HEROIC policemen.

The one thing an interrogator can never forget for a second is that he is dealing with PEOPLE.