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New Rules for the Swarm

A post from Horus:

BUGS Swarm has been on a roll for the last two years. We are now have over a 100 posting and reporting. And maybe another 100 posting and not reporting. Based on the growth of the Swarm. And considering things we have planned for the future. We are going to tweak how we operate.

As of this writing, you are no longer being asked to report the exact threads to the Swarm. You only need to report the thread IF you need help on that thread from the Swarm. This will be a hard habit to break for some of you. So if you want to put up a post telling us you posted the Mantra 30 times today across 7 different internet sites. That is fine and that is as descriptive as you need to be. Now that the swarm is on a path to full strength. It is imperative that we make adjustments to amplify our success.

There was a time just 5 years ago when only a handful were posting the Mantra. And I would go to a news site and be the only one on there using words like AntiWhite. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Now, I have a difficult time finding a thread out there in the world were someone is NOT posting the Mantra or using our terminology.

Are you hurting our endeavors by reporting a CNN thread where you posted the Mantra? In my opinion, reporting lamestream media links are not a problem yet. However, when it comes to social media sites like Youtube, Facebook etc. This is starting to prove counterproductive. Especially Youtube. You can continue to light them up night and day. There is no need to report the links back to us.

Unless you need the Swarm to help out somewhere. You don’t have to post the links.