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All Hail Chairman Mao!!

Posted by Bob on June 28th, 2012 under Coaching Session

Thirty years after it was bombed out of existence, the Japanese PER CAPITA income reached that of the US. It was scarcely noticed then and is forgotten now.

If China, finally, after far more than twice that much time, finally grunts up to one quarter the per capita income of the US, the world will stand up and cheer. From pole to pole the cry will go out: “Communism WORKS!”

With four times the population of the US, China’s will be the biggest economy on earth.

And nobody will be allowed to forget it!

  1. #1 by Dave on 06/28/2012 - 12:24 pm

    Understanding Chinese (Han people) is a good way to understand nonwhite people in general.

    In America we are saddled with a 22 square mile forest of functionally obsolete and noneconomic white elephant high-rises called the Island of Manhattan. The Island of Manhattan is a 150 year old white man’s conceit. In 2012 it represents nothing less than an economic disaster. 100 years ago it was cool, but now…

    So what meant prestige to white men more than 100 years ago means prestige to Chinamen 100 years later. The very definition of prestige in China revolves around the question: Is it white?

    So what do the “geniuses” in China do? In the 21st century alone they threw up the equivalent of 100 Isles of Manhattan! And created for them 100 times the problem that America faces in functionally obsolete buildings, a problem it took Americans 150 years to create but for the Chinese it took only 10 years. And not only that they magnified the problem 100 fold!

    Aren’t the Chinese geniuses?

    In 1930s America in a period of especial stupidity and conceit for white men, three uneconomic and completely stupid dam projects called the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Columbia Basin Project, and Hoover Dam were built.

    These projects are testaments to the idiocy of conceited engineers and their moronic political backers. The Grand Coulee Dam for example killed the salmon fisheries for an entire one-third of the Columbia River watershed.

    But guess what? America’s rivers run clear. They are not laden with mud like the rivers are in China. So at least the Americans got a hydroelectric benefit from these dams that have a service life that will last perhaps 200 years.

    Because white men built these monstrous dams that the Chinese consider to be the pinnacle of prestige, they just had to replicate them in China! No matter that their rivers run muddy so all they can hope for is a 35 year service life. No matter that the environmental consequences of their dams are nothing less than apocalyptic.

    They don’t care! The white man built them so they HAVE to build them TOO!!!

    Anybody who thinks Chinese are smart needs to have his or her head examined. Chinese are the dumbest people on the planet. The future of China is guaranteed ruin. Go ahead and invest in China. I double dog dare you!

  2. #2 by backbaygrouch on 06/28/2012 - 1:00 pm

    Income comparisons are usually inaccurate. Would you rather earn $100K in NYC or $60K in Asheville, NC? The latter will provide with a far higher standard of living. It is only on paper that the NYC wage would be higher.

    UN figures are skewed towards socialist countries by double counting many items. Government provided services are often added to Gross Income. Thus, the service is counted and the income paid in taxes to fund the service is counted. This is not accidental.

    Add to this mix the effect of currency fluctuations. By the expedient of cherry picking dates for comparison large, false, agenda driven numbers can be created and are.

    America’s high wages have always been a fucntion of labor shortage. Among the earliest wage controls were Maximum Wage laws enacted in the 1630s by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. They did not work.

    In the 1920s laws were passed restricting immigration that institutionalized a macroeconomic closed shop. This forced capital to pay higher wages and invest in ever newer technology. This, not the New Deal, not unionization, is what drove wages upward.

    This was reversed in the 1960s and the gains for the average working man have petered out and declined since.

    It will get worse. Rising wages and advancing technologies are incompatible with a limitless labor supply. The Bengladeshi are not going to reach American wage levels any time soon nor are American wages going to fall to Bengladeshi levels. But they will tend towards each other as they have since de facto and de jure open borders have been put in place.

    The hostile elite that dominates in government and has a near monopoly in the media is silent on this. Most economic data are razzle-dazzle designed to bamboozle you into falling in line with policies aimed at impoverishing you.

    The glorification of all things communist is a propaganda tool to encourage you, when in a hole, to keep on digging. America is in a deepening hole. The way out is to stop importing more labor and export all that is not “Ourselves and our posterity.”

    A shorthand way of saying it is that White Americans have to become racially conscious again and pursue policies, openly and proudly, that benefit themselves. A good way to advance this is to post the Mantra. Do it for the children, your fair skinned darlings.

  3. #3 by Dave on 06/28/2012 - 1:23 pm


    You have it exactly right. If we have 100 million Mexican coolies, what the hell do we need Caterpillar tractors for?

    Buying a Caterpillar tractor puts 2,000 coolies out of work. Our Establishment is so dumb they don’t even see this. And then they wonder why there is such high structural unemployment.

    You can’t find brains in the Establishment. Brains don’t exist there.

  4. #4 by shari on 06/28/2012 - 2:03 pm

    And yet, the Establishment thinks, they have brains to burn. Irooony!

  5. #5 by Dick_Whitman on 06/28/2012 - 4:56 pm

    I was watching the pregame ceremony of the Euro 2012 Soccer semi-finals. Directly after the National Anthems of the two teams, a player from each team had to stand up and give a groveling speech against “racism.” Standing in front of the players was a multiracial group of children.

    It used to be at sporting events that after the National anthem that the game would start. I believe that in the Southern USA they may have prayed (subsequent to the National anthem) before high school or college athletic events (someone who grew up in the South can weigh in) ?

    Today in modern international football (soccer) matches, “anti-racist” (which is code for anti-White) speeches and multiracial displays are the standard for pre-game ceremonial practices.

    Political correctness IS a religion with White genocide as its highest law.

  6. #6 by shari on 06/28/2012 - 5:57 pm

    Was it White players required to do this? Do they really think nobody will notice ? The media has to show this stuff or what’s point? White genocide is a very, very, BAD idea.

    • #7 by Peter Whiterabbit on 06/28/2012 - 7:04 pm

      White genocide is a huge industry in Europe. Think of the amount of money these anti-white campaigns spend (through donations) in the Euro soccer tournament. Think if the think tanks who are paid to promote genocide. Think of the funding European nations make to colleges so that professors can talk about it on State TV and write books about it. White geNOcide is a goldmine.

  7. #8 by shari on 06/28/2012 - 7:20 pm

    I think that goldmine has been outsourced. Can’t fool ALL the people ALL the time. I know there are probably going to be bigger, worser tricks to be played, but somehow I think they will backfire.

  8. #9 by AnotherWhiteRabbit88 on 06/28/2012 - 7:35 pm

    That is sickening. Lets hope it backfires on this anti-White scum in a big way, and soon.

  9. #10 by Jmcaul on 07/08/2012 - 4:23 am

    Dave’s comment (#1) is HILARIOUS!

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