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The Activist Industry

The Human Betterment Industry is not unique. When the PTL minister went to prison and came out, what did he do?

He founded another ministry. He would SAY he is just dedicated to God, and Somebody Important told me not to judge lest I be judged, and a man with a career in politics on his conscience can’t afford THAT.

It was found another ministry or try to get a job at Burger King like the computer experts did. This is the way the world WORKS. It’s just that it is considered a crass way of analyzing high callings like Causes or Religion.

One of the people I regularly met at Washington conservative cocktail parties had a tie with a tie clasp shaped like a revolver. I tried to talk to him about guns and he said he knew nothing about them. He didn’t even OWN one. He just ran an organization lobbying for gun rights to the right of the NRA, and I happen to know he did a very good job of it.

In the private sector, it was not unusual for someone who started his career in health foods to end up working for a cigarette company. It is not unusual for a person who starts out as a libertarian activist to be working for a pro-Life outfit.

Bella Abzug was a far-left congresswoman. She was as fanatical an advocate of letting repeat rapists and other criminal repeaters back out on the streets as any other liberal.

Then one day she and several other leftist women founded the National Organization for Women. They just called a press conference and announced that they were the Women’s Movement. One of their big bitches was how a male-dominated society let repeat rapists right back on the streets.

NOW became her main source of income and fame.

I have said before that what we call respectable conservatives are actually conservative respectables. The second word is what they ARE, the first word is a modifier. A person can switch sides and make a living in politics, but if he loses his respectability as “main stream,” he is OUT.

Consistency doesn’t pay your bills. Everybody knows that, but few take it for granted in the growing Cause Industry the way we do in all other walks of life.

While others wonder at the bravery or stupidity of the crew of the Save the Whales boat, I always think, “God, that ship costs a LOT of money!” I have never seen the slightest bit of discussion as to where all that money comes from.

If someone had a yacht that cost as much as that boat, the question of who is paying the bills would be front and center. But no one seems to think of people who are Saving the Whales as people who are looking for a JOB.

If you are looking for a job on Capitol Hill, the first thing you are asked is, “How much Hill experience do you have?” It’s bigger now, but when I was there the Hill had 20,000 staffers.

It was not nearly so important what you DID on the Hill, or who you worked for. Staffers did whatever was needed, but they had to know how the Hill worked to fit in.

So if you ever wonder why a group of offices is dedicated to Cat Lib, you should wonder why, with that many Experienced Activists looking for work, Dog Lib is not better represented.