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It’s Ugly

When I was in their grad school the University of Virginia was one of the few economics departments that adhered to supply and demand. In fact, the Modern Economics of the other schools at that time would be laughed at today.

The basic answer was simple to us. We developed the field of Public Choice and two of my professors won Nobel Prizes in the field. Instead of backing away from supply and demand as was fashionable at the time, Public Choice extended the logic of supply and demand to political and other human behavior.

One of my colleagues there in the year before me became Director of Management and Budget. Another, Craig Roberts, became editor of the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal and went on from there.

My point is that this was a powerful bunch of minds that did not need complications to look smart. This is background to the following incident.

I was in the UVA grad school almost fifty years ago. A New Zealander who was part Maori asked what was wrong with intermarriage. For once a fellow grad student answered him before I did.

He said, “It’s ugly.”

I have never been able to improve on that.

The problem with what I call a Jewish Wet Dream, the black guy with the beautiful blonde that Hugh Hefner promotes so assiduously, is that it is ugly. The black guy is being sure that will be no more beautiful blondes from her.

People are always telling you loudly what Reality is. Some drunken guy at a convention kept screaming that “Mao said that power comes from the barrel of a gun!!” The guy in a bar nursing the last drink he can afford will tell you all about how everything is about money.

The term Political Correctness is purely and absolutely a Marxist term. The idea that everything is about money has penetrated our society so deeply that we don’t see its origins. But the whole world view on which Marxism is based, that social animals share all things communally and are equal so only man’s institutions make us unequal and warlike and so forth, all that has been obliterated like a horse that sat on top of the Big Bang.

Money is like water. It is enormously important if you don’t have any. But it would hard to distinguish Bill Gate’s life from that of a man with a thousandth as much money as he has.

Among desert Arabs and American Westerners, water has indeed been everything.

I once pointed out to grad student at another university that apartheid South Africa had a major immigration problem. Blacks were pouring in from all the Liberated States, and the Zulus and other indigenous groups were raising hell about it because it impacted THEIR wages and employment.

The grad student, a girl, stuck out her lower lip and replied, “The black immigrants are NOT approving of South African apartheid. They’re just there for food.”

My reply caused a lot of laughter among the students around us: “You know, when you’re starving, food can be pretty important.”

There was no serious hunger in Rhodesia. There IS starvation, the real thing, not just malnutrition, in Zimbabwe.

The African Liberation anti-whites were so desperate to achieve doesn’t get much attention now. It wouldn’t take much publicity for people to conclude that having a black leadership  becomes unimportant when food becomes everything.

Nature in humans has one real imperative. For dogs it is the production of offspring who have your smell. For eye-oriented humans, it is the production of people who LOOK like you.

When it comes to Hugh Hefner and all the anti-whites, with all my years of experience, I cannot improve on the two words, “It’s ugly.”