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The Mythical Middle Follows Screwtape’s Advice

Reading BUGS Swarm gives me a curious sensation — a good one!

After a lifetime spent on such things as trying to tell Republicans not to “go for the black vote” and trying to get SFers to mention the ongoing genocide of whites, it is a weird feeling that I don’t need to even answer questions about practical nose-to-nose strategy.

I have never before seen anybody who could think practically so I always find myself half-wondering when I write something BUGS SWARM.

“No, Bob, these folks can THINK.

On their own.

Just like people.”

I have mentioned that I have spent my life explaining this kind of thinking.

I have spent my life trying to get people in authority to think at a HUMAN level.

Every single “political analysis” tells respectable conservatives how they are to talk if they don’t want to be “discredited” — fired — by their masters.

In every analysis they talk about a “middle of the road.” When you repeat that, you are legitimizing the present system, truth is somewhere between the professional liberals and the professional conservatives. No one will keep his job as a paid “commentator” if he does not talk about right, left and center or if he asks “What IS a racist?” before he gets to groveling and peeing all over himself.

If you look at the actual records of ELECTED officials, very, very few are shown as middle of the road even on the charts set up by professional liberals and conservatives, the ADA and ACA voting percentages.

Almost all ELECTED congressmen are at one end or the other of the spectrum. Then every analyst says “the votes are in the middle of the road” If the election is decided in this mythical middle, why aren’t the people who actually get ELECTED there?

Screwtape pointed out to Tapeworm, Demon to Demon, that “People are always talking about how Satan puts ideas into people’s heads, but we actually spend most of our time keeping them OUT.”

“What is a racist?”

“What is the middle of the road?”

No professional analyst will ever talk about either of those questions.

Those of you who are in Swarm know first hand that our enemies can only deal with the Mantra by keeping it OUT.