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I can’t find it now but I saw comments in BUGS about celebrity anti-whites and how to ANSWER them.

Someone else was making points about immigrants lowering wages.

Let’s not start on the trail of the National Review, where any male liberal who deigns to take their side in something is in danger of being gang-raped.

No one can BE a celebrity if he not publicly anti-white.

I call this veering away from the Mantra message tailgating:

You follow the anti-white so close you end up destroyed, because you are on a motor bike and he is driving a Mack truck.

People dealing with some celebrity’s YouTube got into his saying some non-whites were dumb too.

What has that got to do with GENOCIDE? I seem to remember it was a quote from somebody CLAIMING to be a young girl –almost everybody who makes a point of being a young girl on the Web is male.

But the point is that if this girl boy talks about bring impressed he is by the “frankness” of a celebrity, so much so that it sounds true, you do NOT ANSWER that.

The only time you ANSWER ANYbody is when you can make one of our points.

Anything else is tailgating, and you and your motorbike won’t survive it.