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Right to Life Experience

The Right to Life Movement is a total failure in my sense of the term. But it is a giant success in the political sense.

One of the basic rules of politics I keep stressing is that the qualifications for being chosen as a leader of a group are the same as taking over the leadership of the country one aspires to.

If you asked most people about Pro-Life they would not say that it is a failure. It is all over the place, it forces one presidential candidate in the general to give it full lip service.

More important, pro-life can turn out the protestors as well as blacks can.

Pro-life has enormous organizations and lots of money compared to other movements.

All it has failed in is in saving life.

Raising money is not the same as real success, and the whole pro-life setup demonstrates this very well.

It is VERY unusual for a congressional staffer to tell his boss he won’t work on something. That was one of two times I remember when I actually risked my job for my conscience.

The pro-life movement was fighting in vitro fertilization. My boss had a perfect pro-life record.

How he voted on the question was not my business, but I did tell him flatly that I refused to WORK on the anti-in vitro side. But I was absolutely opposed to this anti-life stance and could take no part in it.

Many a congressman would have fired a staffer who said that. So it was not a theoretical risk. As a respectable conservative pimp I made my living helping in the battle for many causes I wouldn‘t spit on, but there is a limit..

In-vitro has now produced tens of thousands of people, all of them for couples who could not have children any other way.

The “prolifers” argued that a lot of newly fertilized embryos died in this process.

What they never thought about was that many if not most of the fertilized eggs in a human female have died historically.

According to the Pope, all babies who die in the womb die unbaptized.

But an aspiring leader who takes exceptions like this into account, and does not yield to the screaming points of its hard core will not get to be elected.

So the pro-lie MOVEMENT is doing just fine.

But things like this in-vitro bit have cut back on its appeal to anybody but fundamental Catholics and fundamental Protestants.

So they have leaders and lots of money and get heard from, They just don’t save any lives.

Pro-whites have done much the same, but we haven’t even broken the Speech Barrier , much less being a voice on the national scene.