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Our Race Comes Before Our Egos

I was getting ready to write this article, and Lo! BUGS Commenters coming back from a sally in Stormfront were discussing their raid, and one was chastised for apologizing to an insulting anti-Mantra type. He admitted his error.

But what hit me, as I got ready to write this, was that his BUGS critic accused him of “the battered wife syndrome,” and he agreed with the term.

This EXPERIENCE, not incidentally, falls right in with what I want to say here.

Don’t be a battered wife or Stockholm Syndrome type. It makes not the slightest difference whether your opponent is a Marxist or a royalist. In the real world, they are anti-white. No one is more vociferously anti-white than the militia types who go on the border to stop immigration. They make militant declarations of “anti-racism” that make leftists look wimpish.

What in the HELL is the point of a BORDER between any country and a Multiculture? Protecting a multiculture from outsiders is insane.

Back to my basic point about the discussion after the raid on Stormfront. Having dealt my whole life with bitchers and people who constantly threaten to take their toys and go home, this immediate acceptance of somewhat insulting label by HD, “battered wife,” gave me enormous joy.

I constantly refer to a mistake Lord Nelson made, and he tiresomely apologizes for it. If you will READ what I say about it, I am full of praise for him. He had been arguing and had moved off of attacking ASSIMILATION, because he found that attacking immigration, whites being overwhelmed, and went on that way.

When you find your going easier, you have to ask yourself WHY it is going easier. Attacking immigration, especially illegal immigration, does anti-whites little harm. It’s nothing new and there are already plenty of rapidly multiplying nonwhites inside white borders to get rid of us by intermarriage.

The point was not that Lord Nelson had made the mistake. The only critical thing to me, as with HD, was how he took my criticism. Like HD after the Stormfront raid, he just took it and ran with it.

A lifetime of experience has shown me that almost every good movement goes down when it gets the ego bitchers and sore asses into places of authority. Errors are common. TAKING AND USING CRITICISM is very, very, very RARE.