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The Three or More Rule Again

Both Lenin and Hitler took power ENTIRELY because of the Three or More Rule. In a multi-strong party parliament which took over after the Czar’s collapse, Lenin joined his Communist Party with coalitions that expelled parties to their right from the Parliament, (I don’t know whether to call it the Duma or the Soviet).

These parties in turn formed rump majority coalitions that expelled yet more parties from the rump parliament.

The last coalition, Communist and Social Revolutionary, ended when Lenin started shooting the SR’s.

This is the way every single Eastern European country went Communist after World War II. In fact, the dubious distinction of being the only country to go Communist by majority vote is one most people have never heard of, but which exists today.

San Marino, about 300 square miles and 13,000 people, out in the middle of Italy, voted Communist in the 1930s. When Germany invaded the USSR, San Marino declared war on Germany, so Mussolini gave the Germans permission to send a platoon or two in to occupy San Marino, which they did.

Finally, I think in the 1960s, San Marino had a revolution which threw out the Commies that took place mostly inside one warehouse. Otherwise all states became Communist entirely by the Three or More Rule.

As we all know, the Communist and Nazi Parties together had a majority of the vote in 1933, so the only way to form a government was to make an agreement one of them. Hindenburg chose Hitler, and the Western media had paid him so little attention that they thought he was a Kaiserist!

In November of 1932 Time Magazine stated flatly that “Nothing on Heaven or Earth is surer than that the Kaiser will be returned to power in Germany.”

If you don’t understand the 3 or more rule, you are a fool about history.