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Dream Warriors

Stormfront and Dave need numbers. I am only interested in the percent or less of my readers who are out there as warriors, fighting white genocide and ONLY white genocide.

I got 84 replies to a very recent article, a record number.

It would be interesting to guess which ones were regular warriors and which were the Stormfront types who beat their chests and shout about Jews or Culture-whites.

One set of comments outlined what True Love was. Anyone who has ever been a warrior up front knows that the moment you let them get you into the Nature of True Love you are tailgated into hopelessness.  photo imagesCA7P2AIO_zps021e045e.jpg
Then there were a huge number who let me know — I was only a political science professor and a Capitol Hill staffer — that there is affirmative action and other stuff. Getting off onto that is the key to defeat.

As usual, practically nobody got my point and ran with it. I made it clear that this was for practicing warriors to turn into something as concise a the Mantra’s ALL and ONLY. Anti-whites talk themselves hoarse about how this is only about mankind, but they are aiming only at whites.

In the same way their fatal weakness is that they talk about how wonderful Diversity is, but they believe allowing any country or any community to be all WHITE would destroy their whole program. They talk about diversity but they outlaw any alternative.

This is a point for a warrior to use. Its just a couple of sentences, and then get OUT.

For the Dream Warriors it is the basis for telling me about affirmative action or a definition of True Love. They never get out of theorizing and have no idea how that would allow anti-whites to put them into a tailspin in the real world.