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This is one of the Best Comments Ever!

JASON SAYS: photo jason_zps37cf9dc1.jpg

“Is there more than one kind of silence? Sometimes, a group of people will remain silent, but the moment somebody speaks out, the ice is broken and they all start speaking the some obvious truth.

Other times, they cower in fear when someone speaks a truth everyone finds inconvenient. Or they may actually attack the truth-teller. The taboo must be maintained! It’s as if they believe some angry god will punish them all for saying blasphemous words. They have seen the “white racist” destroyed too many times in real life and in media images. This is one advantage we have with a MESSAGE focus as opposed to a PERSONALITY focus. Any single person can be destroyed. But a message is hard to stop.

Whites are seeing the Mantra message everywhere, every day. They see that the anti-Whites cannot answer it and cannot suppress it. That itself is powerful. It shows that the anti-White gods are not so powerful after all.

Once the anti-White gods are seen as paper tigers, an ocean of pent-up passion will be unleashed. This is why it is critical that as many posts, flyers, videos and whatever other form the Mantra can come in be produced and put out there for Whites to see – in virtually every venue imaginable. They will see that the taboo can be broken and the world doesn’t end.
And then they will get the courage to do it themselves”.