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Anti-Whites Can’t Deal With Pros on the Pro-White Side.

 photo casper_zps11b715cf.jpgI have mentioned many times that my Populist Forum, which did press conferences and arranged for thousands to of Boston Southies and West Virginians to march in Washington, was so effective that some media joined the official Communist Daily World in denouncing us as “a huge, heavily financed organization.”

Actually there were three of us and we had no bank account.

It interests me that no commenter seems to remember that so no one has Pointed out that what is happening to BUGS is the same thing. We are suddenly a huge secret conspiracy, exposed by our enemies in hushed tones.

This was the enemy’s response when the Forum suddenly popped up to replace paycheck conservatives they could handle, and anti-whites have the same reaction to facing serious pros on the pro-whites side.