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Good Whites

There is a great legal distinction between those who abuse children and those who do not report it.

It can be doubted whether there is a moral distinction.

Anti-whites only talk about one accusation of genocide. In the case of the Holocaust they constantly denounce what they call “the good Germans,” Germans who they say knew about a mass slaughter of Jews but did not openly object to it.

But there is a huge difference between Good Germans then and Good Whites now, even if all the assumptions are true. Being a Bad German would have been suicide and would have had no effect. The implicit claim here is that today’s brave anti-whites would have defied Hitler and the SS. photo imagesCAFCPN22_zps1063de51.jpg

Good Whites today are in an entirely different category. They are the people who refuse to mention child abuse. They are the ones who complain about our shoving white genocide onto all their fun sites while knowing full well that we are forcefully prevented from arguing our case elsewhere.

There are plenty of Good Germans today. They refuse to object to laws that make it a felony to offend political correctness. Today’s Good Germans could quite legally do what Rowan Atkinson and Paul Fromm and many others have done.

In Nazi Germany a free speech movement would have been grounds for arrest. If the old Germans were evil, then the Good Canadian, the Good French, the Good British and all the rest of modern Good Guys have wiped out even the theoretical distinction between those who commit crimes and those who refuse to acknowledge them.