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Why Do Those Who Gain From the Mantra Denounce It?

One of the main bulwarks every tyranny uses in banning all dissent is “The dissent itself may be all right, but it may lead to…”

For once, the warnings of all the despots, Stalin, Hitler, and the anti-whites, are perfectly true. Dissent can lead to more dissent. Communists always say they brook no disagreement because disagreement can lead to fascism. Putin’s one-man rule could fall within the very loose limits of the screamed “fascist!” definition. photo musket_zps6d8d0c9b.jpg

After all, no one asks for a definition of “fascism” any more than anyone dares ask for a definition of racism.

The tyrants always say that freedom is dangerous. They are perfectly correct. “Freedom” which involves no risk is not freedom. It takes no courage to ask for a “freedom” which involves no risks. A slave has “rights” as long as they involve no risks to their masters’ property.

This truth makes it particularly ironic that there should be a low-key campaign on the part of other pro-whites to undermine the Mantra.

The fact is that anti-whites are right about what the Mantra may lead to. They warn that spreading the Mantra will lead to the public taking a second look at all pro-whites. If the Mantra gets a toehold, it will not be enough to just scream “racist” at David Duke or Stormfront or The Occidental Quarterly.

One who hears the Mantra is likely, in the long or short run, to take a new look at all pro-whites.

The old screams and labels are weakened by the Mantra every time anyone hears it.

Why are those who will reap such benefits constantly denouncing us?