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The Truth is Out There

A commenter says that Rush Limbaugh, like O’Reilly, has discovered anti-whites.

One little poster from the BNP proclaims, “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.”

All these years, how could I explain to people that I was the only one who could formulate a usable message? photo johnstown_zps860c0ffd.jpg

All those years I felt like a plumber who is trying to stop a house from flooding, but every time I asked the owner for some practical help he would say, “Do you know what Aristotle said about that?”

No, I really don’t know what Aristotle or Solomon Greenbladt said about that and I think you’re an idiot if you bring it up. But I could never SAY that.

It has begun. No one could understand how listening to my methods can get you slow, hardly noticeable national exposure. It is quite probable that the revolution in thinking will occur and no one will be aware of it.

I have proved a basic point I couldn’t even theorize to most people on our side.

The truth is out there. Let’s keep it up.