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Use the Mantra But Hold Onto the Basics

Probably the hardest part of Mantra in action is leaving out so much. Those without Mantra discipline are quickly put on the defensive by anti-white yells of “racism” and “ignorance.”

We, on the other hand, put the enemy in a defensive position.

More than that, we put them in a DESPERATE position.

While other pro-whites find themselves on the defensive reciting volumes of information, our opponents are desperate to change the subject with standard nonsense we refuse to deal with, and with personal insults.

But there are points that are very important for us to KNOW but which our discipline does not allow us to discuss. In the years to come, when we have progressed to the point beyond repeating the Mantra, we will have to have a basic world view.

One of these points is wordism. We simply don’t have the time during our assaults to explain that anyone who is not a nationalist or a racist is a wordist. He has given up all natural loyalties or blind loyalty to a bunch of words.

We don’t enjoy forcing our way into discussion groups on other subjects, but we have to because no one gives us a chance to discuss our subject.

A white traitor, any traitor, is far far worse than an enemy.

It bothers me when commenters go into a theory that indicates they have forgotten the basics. photo imagesCAKAT6NH_zps60200b8f.jpg

These are the basics on which we must construct our world in future. That is a reason for having this page here, while the real work goes on over in the Swarm.

One of the major lessons of the 2012 and 2016 elections, (the paycheck conservatives will get a boost in 2014 and claim that whatever they did worked), will be that as a matter of arithmetic whites will have to negotiate as whites. To repeat, this is a matter of arithmetic.

The white minority will remain an overwhelming plurality. But no one can succeed in the future without seeing us a huge, self-supporting minority rather than as some sort of wordism to be imposed on everybody.