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The White World and the Flyover World

I have said this many times before but, as the fall of the USSR, it was considered one of Bob’s theoretical predictions rather than reality. I kept saying that whites would be perpetual losers so long as they thought they ruled the world.

I also said that whites were helpless when they saw themselves in terms of white supremacy or the Catholics thought of themselves as representing Their Church or Americans thought of themselves as The Constitution or Freedom, not Race, and so on, ad infinitum. photo imagesCAYAC4XB_zps08cee87f.jpg

What we have accomplished is to unite the rest of the world against us.

White Supremacy or White Allness is so entrenched in our thinking that during all the segregation arguments no one outside a few of us Southerners really thought of white Americans as the tiny minority in the world that it is.

The basis of the Mantra is that it is not provincial. White Allness has been taken for granted so long that “immigration” means immigration to the real world, the white world, so completely that it simply never occurs to anyone to see it in its worldwide, genocidal context.

To put it frankly, white genocide is ignored on the granite assumption in all white countries that integration in white countries is integration in the whole world. The bedrock assumption is that anyone who even mentions the world outside white countries is being unrealistic.

There are white countries and there is “flyover country” between them. That reflects exactly the same thinking that causes New Yorkers to refer to the entire United States between New York and Hollywood as “flyover country.”

It is that simple. No one is more provincial than those who routinely refer to themselves as sophisticates.