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Oh, Hell, Jason Has Forced Coach to Say Something Nice


Jason says,  “I don’t understand the AMPWs(Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites) at this point. It is too obvious the Mantra is working. The train of pro-White activism is taking off and they are choosing not to get on.”

Moral courage comes so naturally to Jason and other BUGSERs that they can’t understand those who don’t have it.

Real praise from inside the team is rare, and usually only the Coach is allowed to express it.

Old Coach kicks you plenty, so you better enjoy this rare and therefore all the more precious praise. photo moralcourage_zpse0dc4a99.jpg

Jason is greatly underestimating himself, White Dude and the others who  post regularly on “Where Did You Put the Mantra Today?”

Even among the thousands who read BUGS, only  a handful are willing to get out there and Raid!

It gets you insulted, it gets you accused, it gets you mocked.

But, because of those on our WORK page, we know it WORKS!

Unless you have spent a lot of time among the egos in public life, it is not easy to really appreciate those who treasure their loyalties above their egos.   Please read the last sentence a dozen times, because Mantra thinking is getting to the basic point and analyzing it to death.

Look at all the license plates with “Purple Heart” on them.  People can understand Patriotism if it comes with an aura of respect.   But only a tiny handful of people are willing to fight and be scorned for it.

The Pro-White Anti-Mantra crowd is upset with us for making them look fanatical.

The qualifications of a real BUGSER are breath-taking.   First of all, you have to see the real world, the whole real world, to see white genocide.    Ninety nine point nine percent of the population recite the litany of assimilation in each white country.  It is the sine qua non, without which nothing, of respectable survival, and often of personal economic survival, lasts in our society.

Let us now look at that one in a thousand people with something to lose who is  openly pro-white .   Almost every one of them seeks a way  to do this while not being classed with the loonies.

We are what is left: the tiny remainder of the one in a thousand so dedicated to the truth that we are openly among the loonies.  No cause ever changed the world without Jason’s kind, White Dude’s kind.   A few hundred people with the guts to sign the White House petition, and those who started it and kept on despite being deserted by all but a few hundred people, are the ones who are indispensable to every world change.

Jason is so full of MORAL courage that he is absolutely mystified by those who are not.

Read that last sentence a few times and see deeply what it means.

A real BUGSER is the hero’s hero.