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“Membership Groups”

Back in their day, the three hundred Spartans reaching the front might have been on the back page of the newspaper.

The big news was the gigantic Persian invasion.  The second page would have been a description of the giant religious holiday Athenians were busy with.

We have to do the same thing here.   BUGS history consists largely of happenings one scarcely notices.   For one thing, we create a new vocabulary.  There were over thirty comments on the MSBC article, different excitements, including a debate between two BUGSERS — now THERE’S tough cookies duking it out — and my frustrated statement about the difference one must learn between BUGS, a seminar on reality, and the despair and wild hopes that are bread and butter to groups that go on membership and contributions.

During that discussion, we developed a word to define the latter kinds of organization: “membership groups.”    That word is a million miles from perfect.  White Genocide was a million miles from perfect.   All our words are imperfect, but instead of getting stuck on definitions, we go with them.  photo card_zps64d57607.jpg

After the MSNBC  report and the White House Petition, we would be fools to try to use a new word for White Genocide.    Now we have fixed an equally imperfect word which will do what a word is supposed to do, make our discussion easier.

During all the excitement, the word membership group simply came out as a term for those who raised funds and whose success is measured by their official numbers.

As I have said in earlier articles. Membership Group is NOT an insult.

We have to discuss them because we will need to  form Membership Groups.

Yes, we are a  membership group, too.   Certainly whoever gets on the net and puts in the Mantra and mixes it up and raids pays a membership fee that is harder to spare than a small monthly payment.

But we need a word, and we now have developed  one.

Quibbling does not keep us from adopting a word simply because it’s useful.

If you want to illustrate how people just live with what evolves, take the names of churches.   Every church claims to be catholic, but there is a Catholic Church.   They all claim to be the only truly orthodox one, but they all  understand that The Orthodox Church refers to a specific group.

How on earth can a nitpicking theologian talk about the Baptist Church when almost all use baptism?

They do.

We will be using “membership group” long after all that was said about them by me and everyone else in that particular article is ancient history.