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Reply to Comments on “Racist is a Hate Word”


 photo hate_zps4ee07393.jpg Desbots are often programmed  by the Thought Police s to see “Anti-racist is a  a code word for anti-white”  as a personal insult to some readers.

But calling someone a racist, which you have to do if you  claim to be anti-racist, is a personal insult.

In cases where despots  have been programmed to take out “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”, we could substitute “Racist itself is a Hate word.”

Or try variants.

You know the discipline.  I am  suggesting a few TRY it to see whether it WORKS.


Most of the first replies to this article are straight out of the Occidental Quarterly. lengthy talk about what the word “racist” means and quotes they used to Win the Argument.   It makes me tired.

What got on MSNBC were two words, White Genocide and a quote, and Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for Everybody.

The whole point of my approach is not to be philosophical or to wow ’em with my smarts, but to have them QUOTING me.

All the first comments showed was that you have missed the whole point.

Anti-racist is a Hate word took a lot of thought to get it down to short and very quotable.

Get with the program!