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MSNBC Discusses the Genocide Petition, and There’s a Lesson


The discussion is at:


Please note that all of the three or four commentators on White Genocide at MSNBC were colored. photo petition_zps4470b4ad.jpg

Also please note that MSNBC used our best phrases up front, starting with Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans and White Countries for Everybody.

You have noticed that when white anti-white announcers talk about us, they scream the whole litany of hatred for pro-whites like a drunk Klansman with his to robe on inside out.    The first part, which is all that interests me, was made by smiling colored announcers.

It didn’t smell of hatred, as white anti-white announcers would.

One of the announcers compared the Genocide Petition to other white reactions to race policy in the past, including the anti-busing movement.

In other words, this story cannot be compared to one put out by an anti-white white, left or right.

Those smiling coloreds are their replacements.

And they’re coming fast  and are as unwilling to wait as the white traitors are to be replaced.

Race front and center terrifies and infuriates the sellout whites, so it is not at all unwelcome to the colored guys and gals coming along.

Like turncoat Southerners, the market has been vastly overloaded with whites selling hatred for whites for a long, long time.

How could one note this reality when he sees an all-powerful, perfectly united conspiracy?