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I Am NOT Hannity!

One thing that really made me take the gloves off in reply to those AMPW remarks was their calling me a Hannity. I am not referring to the Royal Prosecutor, who was comparing my criticism of double standards to Hannity, but other writers who just said I was Hannity and/or O’Reilly.

They do not consider that there is any difference between me and these pretentious dorks. They talk about the white race and both of them agree that anyone who opposes interracial marriage is, literally, a Nazi.

Anyone who reads any of my stuff, which these AMPWs clearly don’t, would know that, to me, Hannity is one of those insults which is really filthy.

I would find it funny if someone said I was an Al Franken. He is an outright enemy and makes no bones about it. But the concept of Honor runs deep in us Southerners. It causes all too many of us to be out at dawn looking down a gun barrel.

Franken is a loud-mouthed anti-white Jew. He is openly offensive.

But Hannity is something altogether different. He is a filthy little sneak, like all respectable conservatives.

My mentality on this is Southern because it is very, very Western. The predilections others despise in Southerners are seen as throwbacks, which, I say proudly, they are. To many AMPWs the only concern is that JEWS be exposed and punished.

For me, the enemy that makes my teeth grind and irrationality threaten is the anti-white WHITE. And IS a throwback. I keep pointing out that when Western values were routine, Dante reserved the worst part of Hell, the freezing part, to TRAITORS.

In addition, my compulsively honest soul shudders at being compared to what even O’Reilly refers to as “Baby Jesus.” Hannity is the psychopathic, smiling, righteous betrayer for whom an Eleventh Circle should have been invented.

What I am trying to say in my roundabout, subtle way is that I don’t LIKE Hannity.

Calling me a Hannity was a hideous and very personal insult.