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Father Mommy Professor

I never get these things right, but the comments will take care of it.

Hans and Matte conceived “How Whites Took Over America“. White Rabbit, our most experienced internet verbal propagandist, rewrote the English version..

I did an Indian. But I still think I should get ALL the credit.

Someone managed to get it into the most censored of sites, a mainline English student website!

Commenters report that the poor anti-whites in their protected environment couldn’t find ANYTHING to say.

Then it got familiar. I remember that about the first anti-white to take on the Mantra seemed to have come in cold. He was shocked, and he ended up attacking the meaning of he word “crowded!”

The British anti-whites, suddenly faced with heresy to Father Mommy Professor’s Gospel, ended up pointing out that the uniforms whites wore were not authentic and consistent armor.

This is hilarious.


How about the Indians? They were dressed like PLAINS Indians, as every Indian in every main line media story or cartoon is.

I am sure that, back in their intellectual pens, they’ve had time to forget what the real cartoon said, and Father Mommy Professor has told them a whole new version and answered the version he made up.

You will never, never, NEVER get a religious freak to admit he is wrong about anything.