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Repeat: This is Samizdat

White Rabbit says, very correctly, that I tend to give up when there is a technical problem on the internet.

Jason Speaks asked me about a debate he was having and asked me to review it.

So I hit on the link to his discussion and got “Sorry! Not Available!”

I had just spent an hour before that trying to get “How Whites Conquered America” on link after link, and that “Sorry! Not Available!” announcement was very familiar by then.

I wanted to show some people HWCA (“How Whites Conquered America”) but they are knocking it off too fast for me to keep up.

This, by the way, is the real thing. I have spent my whole life listening to “hippie” antiwar types and anti-whites talk about “suppression,” but not one of them had ever actually seen a REAL instance of it.

That is why I am in awe of Creator, who used his own name in Iceland and was not terribly upset when SIX cops and a lawyer with a subpoena showed up on his doorstep.

I have been playing this game over half a century, and, above all, I am in AMERICA, so I don’t face what our non-Americans do,.

But, to answer a commenter’s question, I do NOT demand that ANYBODY else, even in America, go public.

If we fight for free speech, you will come forth when you can. The shame is not with you, but with the tyrants who make samizdat necessary.

While all those AMPWs are attacking the Mantra under code names, they don’t see the simple fact that they HAVE to use code names is our first barrier, and the one that will get most REAL public support.

No wonder their first message is always Surrender.

In fact, let me tell you a secret:

White Rabbit isn’t his REAL name.

But he is doing a LOT more than I am.

Because of White Rabbit and you, my really stupendous job is already done:

The message is OUT there.