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Hand Me Down

In the 1970s one would see a panel of network anchors sitting around and talking with expressions on their faces like they had swallowed a quart of lemon juice. They were bemoaning the growth of cable news, and they said that the “National news professionals” were being overlooked.

They would make a few stabs at neutrality between cable and network, like “Well, they do provide more coverage,” but you could tell their attitude was the Age of the True Professional was over. These were about as convincing as their attempts to claim ideological neutrality.

These claims of ideological fairness regularly took two forms:

1) We have no bias at all, and

2) Of course we are biased. In the Real World, EVERYBODY has biases.

These two opposite comments are very typical of an inbred place, like a university or the national media, where no one is allowed to question what you say. There is no one to demand any logic, so logic withers.

By the 1980s, it was the CABLE networks who were just beginning to bemoan the passing of the True Professional. Now anything put on the news, by Network Television (Tah-TUM!!) or by new “professionals“ at the cable outlets, was being replaced by the work of AMATEURS.

What was worse was that a lot of AMATEURS, like Drudge, were making a lot of MONEY at it. Money they did NOT deserve and that should have gone to Professionals.

And here we are, at BUGS, being ignored by the Big Guys like National Renaissance.

I’m already old, but I wonder who you guys will be denouncing as “amateurs” after you have demonstrated this WORKS and it goes viral?