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Suckers Get Punched

The article “Stormfront Refugees” gives you a good look at what those who first inhabited this site were used to.

Which helps explain to our few and precious activists why they shoot the enemy right out of the sky with every argument. The other side can only scream and suppress.

If you had been with us Stormfront Refugees you would not find it so astonishing that, when you show up with the Mantra, they just RUN.

Banning the Mantra, as anybody who has dealt with dictatorships knows, is another form of running away.

You are astonished that these Great Powers who Control Everything and Call Themselves The Intellectuals stampede when you come at them seriously.

But for many, many years the “Torchlight Procession, Revolution” types were really, truly all that these people ever ran into. When we show up, they react the way an army in 1810 would have reacted if the other side showed up with fully automatic weapons.

Speaking of the nineteenth century military, when iron ordnance was demonstrated to be superior, more than one general simply sneered and said, “WARS are fought with BRONZE artillery.”

Before World War I, faced with German advances in submarine technology, a British admiral sneered, “The Royal Navy has no use for a ship that is built to sink.”

That was an attitude HMRN paid for dearly during the First War.

And it sounds a lot like today’s AMPWs, doesn’t it?