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Mommy Professor’s Renaissance

On Google or in books, you will often find bloodletting, taking blood from sick people, as “medieval medicine.”

It was just the opposite.

The whole absurd theory of “balancing humors,” of which taking QUARTS of blood out of George Washington when he was dying of pneumonia, was an integral part of what would be called the Renaissance. This was when Europe dumped all the “Medieval” stuff and read the Classical authors of ancient Rome and Greece and became truly civilized.

In fact, bleeding came out of those Classical books. It was THE Classical form of medicine, developed at the height of what the Renaissance would call classical science, the second century AD.

Nobody in the days before Classical learning would have thought you were anything but insane to be taking blood OUT of a sick person.

I have quoted in these annals from the chief physician to Louis XIV, who survived to age 77 despite his doctors. This Great Intellectual denounced all the doctors who said that syphilis was the result of “tiny, unseen animals in the blood that multiply…,” in other words as good an explanation of the bacteriological theory of medicine as could be made at the time, before microscopes came out of the Netherlands.

The outraged Mommy Professor who is chief physician to the Sun King sounds very familiar. He roars that these theories do not cite a single “Authority.” He has a huge list of German names, all of whom were apparently well known at the time for describing bacteriological disease.

Actually, the Renaissance horse shit is an exact parallel to what we have today. Washington died because doctors still read Latin and used Galen. What they did NOT use was the common sense medicine of the REAL Middle Ages.

In fact, the one example we have of this was Paracelsus, whose cures for battle wound were little short of miraculous in his day. But all his life he was accused of being deficient in Latin. Paracelsus followed his EXPERIENCE with battle wounds and actual survivals rather than quoting Greek Authorities who never saw a bullet wound or even a crossbow wound or serious shrapnel.

So Mommy Professors agreed that he CURE for what was actually the Mommy Professor Complex was MORE Mommy Professor Complex.

Sound familiar?