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Now or Never

When I say “hippie,” I mean the word the media has developed and is in common usage.

Several actual ex-hippies have stated flatly that they were the real thing and they were NOT mindless Leftists.

It’s too late, gang, just like it’s too late for the Weakest Generation. When Pat Buchanan was desperately trying to be a non-racist in the late seventies on Crossfire, he state flatly that the reason America fought World War II was to open up Europe to third world immigration!

Pat tells ME that one single WWII vet made a SINGLE objection to that statement.

All my life I have watched paper-hats wander up to the mike and say that their generation fought and died in The War so that America would not have any immigration restrictions or it would be against segregation, and never did one single old rotting hulk make the slightest objection.

Like future anti-whites, old hippies have mustered up the courage to object here on BUGS, which is more than the Weakest Generation ever did, but it’s too LATE.

You should have had some balls back THEN.

When the Occupy Wall Street movement got started, it was all over the internet that what the media had stated calling “young people” were over half middle-aged. When there was no internet, the hippies were all “youths.”

If I could trust you with warnings and count on you not to dribble away into “tribunals,” Torchlight Parades,” and all the rest of the mentally retarded crap, this could be a good warning:

If you keep your head down while the bullets are flying, don’t expect anyone to take into account what you REALLY thought and didn’t SAY.

Instead of being IN HERE bitching to ME, those few ex-hippie objectors should have been out there, saying it to THEM.