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You will not be surprised that I am a little too frank with BUGSERS.

I have had too much rum and not enough Coke.

I notice that some of our commenters have been in combat. One was a SNIPER, which is too cold-blooded even for the Ole Coach. Lord knows, I am not criticizing you.

I just can’t jump out of a plane or snipe.

You would have loved the World War II Generation. I was talking to one who said that Korean War “veterans” were not REAL Veterans, like he was. But he never questioned that the Nam crowd had been in real combat.

There were too damned many of them.

I have been surrounded by Greatest Generation types and had it explained to me that a firefight out in the back ass of nowhere was not COMBAT.

One guy who was the son of the commander of security at what was then Cape Canaveral, an army general, had been in Korea and one time was the only man able to walk back down from an attack on one of the endless Korean Hills.

I certainly wished he had been there with me when the Greatest Generation claimed that Korea wasn’t REAL combat.

At the Sevierville Conference, one man who had the wounds to prove he had been in one of the Mideast Wars stated flatly that real courage was MORAL courage, the guts to engage everybody in public about white genocide.

I know that you guys who were in the physical fight are understating what you did. If I were in a firefight (not real combat), I would want you right beside me.

But the great thing is that now, when it really counts, you ARE beside me in the REAL combat, the only combat that counts.