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In a comment about my article as to how we can practically get a non-white agreement to our punishing anti-white whites, one commenter asked how do you get non-whites to agree with it.

It helps if one READS the article one is talking about.

We are still dealing with the “Let’s tell the world we are going to have Nazi trials” crowd, but there are a few PRACTICAL problems one might bring up about the informer system. One is mutuality.

All you had to stay out of NAM was walk across the Canadian border. Brazil won’t extradite to a country that has the death penalty. Mexico can do absolutely anything it feels like.

So why won’t those people just take their dollars and run?

The only reason Mexico and Brazil can do anything they want to is because the World War II Generation made us wimps like them.

I am VERY familiar with ways a THE major power can juggle the monetary situation so that any country who messes with you might wish collectively it hadn’t been founded.

This is where ACTUAL toughness actually counts.

No, nobody is going to escape with his cash, or send it out. Not if you have me or someone who listens to me on our team.

OK, let’s get back to wasting time on Macho Tribunals.