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You Don’t Do Advanced Study Until You GET the Basics

Listen to the silence. There is absolute silence in the media about the fall of the USSR. The fall of the Third Reich is practically still a major news item, going on its seventieth birthday.

There are more reasons for this than the obvious one.

NO establishment wants to remember the fall of the USSR. Today it is impossible even for older people to remember how impossible that seemed in 1980.

A major science fiction book, “The Mote in God’s Eye,” told of a very deep space mission. It was a joint project of the United States and the USSR two centuries from now. That reflected the 1980 mentality.

But what is really ironic is that this book was NOT written by leftists. In fact, JERRY POURNELLE, its co-author, WAS THE MAN WHO SOLD REAGAN ON SDI, the program that caused the USSR to give up, fold up, and die.

Believe me, gang, I know.

The whole Soviet Economic Growth thing and the myth of Soviet Science were absolute, total Big Lies, faithfully taught by Mommy Professor. Threatened with a real piece of real modern science, the USSR panicked. Teddy Kennedy began meeting with them, a last desperate push across the whole American left was made to stop “Star WARS.”

They even made the last Superman movie with Superman demanding the Nuclear Freeze.

A commenter said he wished I would explain what I said how to force the whole world to keep the anti-whites from keeping their assets abroad.

The answer is that he should look at the comments. Most of them are good, but the fact is that I must limit my discussions because the basics are not gotten. You have to stop falling back into slack-jawed silliness before I can even hint at something more complicated.

Look at where this comment took place. I had done an article on how to KEEP the victory years ago, an informer system. Everybody sort of agreed and then began thinking about News and Jews or whatever, and when I reminded you of it, the Machos had never HEARD of it, and they banged on their drums and demanded blood and guts.

In other words, when I DO explain something, I get maybe two comments and total memory blackout from you.

Do you really think I am going to try to delve into such intricacies?

I might try to tell someone young and smart what to do, but all the young and/or smart people who have ANY energy are busy with what we are doing now.

In other words, you have to get a consistent good grade on the present course before you go advanced.

And, as usual, the bottom part of the class is the real drag.