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Stormfront Refugees

What immediately caused me to write “Justicism” was that I had reminded BUGS of our proposal for punishing anti-whites with a paid informer system.

This connects some of our regular BUGS themes. First we are not here to impose a system on people. Our aim is to save our race and, in this case, KEEP IT SAVED.

When people have been subjected to total silencing and terror as we have, it is natural for one to look forward to the Revolution and to torchlight parades, and to Tribunals.

A lot of us older BUGSERS came here from what was back then the only huge pro-white internet site, Stormfront. We are old timers now.

But for us, things like tribunals remind us of what we were escaping by coming here. We wanted to get in here and report on FIGHTING.

Once we got to BUGS, we would were desperately sick of the endless numbers of people who had gone there and shouted Revolution! We’re going to take over with a torch light parade!

These shouting dedicated revolutionaries were gone in a month.

But you would be amazed, if you live in the era of BUGS and the Mantra, how many people would be screaming for Revolution! And Firing Squads! And telling us all what WIMPS we were, and, as soon as the novelty wore off, they went off to some other site, science fiction or something to get excited about.

But even as I reacted to that “tribunals” bit, it reminded me that us old Stormfront Refugees, really don’t see how much BUGS and Mantra Thinking have already CHANGED this nonsense.

It’s not something that is immediately visible, but one thing our hard work has produced throughout the pro-white movement is a sense of SHAME. Even for those many who have never heard a whisper of us, the sort of old fashioned screams for torchlight parades and chest-beating we lived with would today actually be LAUGHED at.

It is amazing. I honestly believe we have Stormfront Refugees who made up our membership a few years back and have actually produced an environment where saving our race is now a serious endeavor. The shouting juveniles (of every age) we were so familiar with then now get laughed at from the get-go

Because of US!.