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Don’t Take Coach TOO Seriously

I talked about the commenter who, out of habit, put “Jewish bankers” into his list of people white countries were forced to allow to immigrate. My outrage was not directed at him. I had already corrected him and he already accepted my criticism.

So I hated to repeat it, and it didn’t make him feel too good either.

But it was little compared to what I did to Lord Nelson that way. I kept repeating a mistake he had made because it was perfect for our purposes, and our purposes are what we’re all about. I had to explain several times that the reason I kept repeating his error was to make the point about how perfectly he took the criticism.

Lord Nelson, pro that he is, grabbed my criticism and ran with it. But when I mentioned it again he kept on apologizing and apparently didn’t notice what I said about him when I repeated it.

These real examples are CRITICAL to every person who comes into BUGS. They are extremely valuable and they are the only way we can keep a lot of new people from doing the same thing.

When Old Coach recalls some hare brained thing you did as a lesson to the freshmen, all you have to do is just smile at yourself the way you would if you were in football practice.

We need everybody to constantly watch himself for sliding into old habits. To do this, we need to repeat our BEST examples, not to rub it in to those who did it, but because those particular examples are clear enough to be understood.

And there is a very good side to this. If we were the usual, “Sign up and pay” group, I would put being nice to you at the top of my list.

But this is deadly serious. I am not trying to get you to smile at me. All that matters is what you DO out there on the field.

This is no longer a game for amateurs or people who want to vent their rage.

Snipers don’t shout.