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How to be a Sellout

There is a LOT of competition for media approval between respectable conservatives. I am not kidding when I say that it is a full-time task.

Remember, this is a game played for MONEY.

A lot of people think selling out is easy. Ernest Hollings of South Carolina was in the perfect position to do it, but all he accomplished was to make a first attempt to continue as South Carolina’s Senior Senator, after thirty years of waiting for Strom to die, impossible.

Poor Fritz sold out and he sold out and he sold out. He never got a thing for it except media hints, which I am sure he carried to his bed at night, about how he was “in the running” for the Democratic vice presidential slot.

He never got a vote at an actual convention.

I am speaking here of respectable conservative sellouts, but the sellout game is played much the same in every area. I have seen it in Intelligence work, Southern politics, working in a prison, as a conservative prostitute myself, and everywhere in what seems like my three hundred year lifetime.

(“You think YOU got it tough? You should have seen the Cambrian Extinction like I did!”).

To be a turncoat, you have to hit the target more than the other hundred potential sellouts who are desperate for your slot.

Take one issue: Hollywood leftism. If it came up and you needed a conservative stand that would buy approval from the other side, I could tell you instantly. You need to complain bitterly about how the left dominates Hollywood, then you would add a passionate declaration that no conservative in Hollywood ever suffered for his politics.

You get to express resentment for the dumbass conservatives so you get fans, and you add that Hollywood leftists play strictly within the rules. This means anybody who tries to do anything about this or complains as Linda Evans did becomes a “discredited extremist” who is denounced not just by Hollywood’s owners, but “by conservatives like …”

You name ‘em. If you know their name, that’s what they said.

Just to be in the action and do things I had to become an expert in this area. In terms of the usual Hannity-type sellout, I really am noble. I even consistently stated my demand for the survival of my race to sell the least and get the most for it, because, as they say, I “been there and done that.”

When it comes to politics, I’m the oldest whore on the block.