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Be Careful Citing “History”

One commenter, who clearly loves to disagree because he thinks it’s “tough,” said that the Nuremberg Trials WORKED. This is the usual citing of what passes as history, there is, there was a Nazi Government, they had these tribunals, and there were no more Nazi governments, so the tribunals “Worked.”

It is common knowledge that there was a Depression, Roosevelt was elected, so FDR “ended the depression.” When I was in college, no one else challenged this.

Today about everyone who is not actually smoking something illegal knows that World War II ended the Depression.

Another version of history tells us, just as surely, that Martyrs win the victory. In fact, the exact same generation that said that making martyrs gave the victims Victory would without pause, cite the Nuremberg Trials to show that making martyrs was the only way to win.

In an “educated” society, these contradictions are maintained because no one ever THINKS about them. What you conclude by two opposite examples ends up being whatever you WANT to conclude.

In my interrogation experience, a person who is holding two such opposite views picks out the one he WANTS. Christianity proves that making martyrs is establishment suicide, the Nuremberg Trials prove that terrifying others with the specter of Punishment After the Torch Light Parade is the Way to Go.

Do you want to sound idealistic and appealing or do you want to sound tough and rough?

As I have pointed out before, the Weimar Republic has the same laws about attacking minorities that the German regime today has. That is why, instead of calling someone a Jew, Nazi publications would give his full name if it sounded Jewish.

Henry Ford stopped giving away The International Jew with each new Ford, in fact, stopped all his anti-Semitism, because of a lawsuit by Jews for libel. He had had plenty of personal threats, but a threat to his fortune stopped him cold.

People are absolutely blind when it comes to reading subtext. A Wiki description of the 1932 German election points out that the Nazis became so strong that “their paramilitary branch, the SA, was made legal.” Wiki then goes right on to say what any person would, “This caused violence.”

This caused violence because the SA started fighting in the streets with the Communist paramilitary group.

The subtext here is that the Communist paramilitary was ALWAYS legal, just as anti-goy propaganda was legal while anti-Semitic propaganda was suppressed.

All my conscious life, it has been the hundreds of billions in reparations that has kept the Ho0locause alive like no other slaughter in history.

Elie Wiesel, who made a LOT of money on his Holocaust, and the million-dollar Nobel Prize back when a million made you rich, was the least of IT. The holocaust is STILL the means of livelihood for tens of thousands or millions, depending on how you measure it.

So it sounds a little funny for someone to hammer his chest and declare that the Tough Guys who did the Nuremberg trials were the whole thing.

In fact, it is a embarrassing to me for a BUGSER to do that.