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Silence is Consent.

In every country, the establishment is never wrong.

So a person who is in prison who is proven innocent is given a pardon. A pardon for a crime he should not have been charged with. He is still a convicted murderer, but he has been pardoned for it because he is not a murderer.

The conviction, being a process of law, stands.

The argument on heredity versus environment is handled exactly the same way. Whole ideologies based on the idea that genes mean nothing and words are everything insisted, effectively, that heredity did not exist.

Dr. Kellogg for whom the cereal was named, insisted there was no such thing as heredity. He declared that sex was bad for the body, so he adopted a huge brood of children.

In an incident which has totally passed into the Memory Hole, the destruction of the Medicogenetical Institute of Moscow under Stalin for its heresy in insisting on heredity, discussed in Garrett Hardin’s “Nature and Man’s Fate,” is never mentioned anywhere but here.Photobucket

A couple of decades ago I looked up references to it on the net. At the time, the only reference on the entire Internet was me! I personally knew a professor at Oxford, who was a member of THE Royal Society, who had known a number of the membership of the Medicogenetical Institute who suddenly disappeared in the thirties in that minor purge.

The most absolutely enforced superstition after the defeat of Hitler was that “The races have been proven to be same in all inherited talents.”

No one claims that now.

No one.

A National Review writer was recently fired for mentioning the facts in “The Bell Curve.”

“The Bell Curve” itself could not be refuted.

So it was forgotten.

Now that the specific genes for schizophrenia have been located, the old doctrine that it was caused by trauma and could be cured by Freudian psychiatry never shows up in any history of medicine.

The argument over the confiscation of guns was lost by the establishment.

So they are no longer mentioned.

If you want history, you must listen to the silence.