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Fan Letter to Eric Preston

Eric Preston’s BUGS article, “They Say There is This Caste Problem…” left me wanting to specifically repeat a point I have made many times before:

White India.

Oriental Buddhists are happy to point out that Gautama Buddha “ had eyes the color of the blue lotus.” The Indian who brought Kung Fu to China was described as drilling a hole in a cave wall with his BLUE eyes.

The name of the caste system in Sanskrit is “color.”

In my youth India was the poorest of the poor, the most hungry people on a starving continent, and very, very brown. Even in 1776 Adam Smith noted that, in a continent famous for starvation, India was the poorest land of all.Photobucket

The entire generation to which Gautama Buddha belonged wanted to end the caste system. They succeeded, and an India that was unique for its desperation even in the continent of ASIA was the result.

India produced our so-called “Arabic” numbering system when it was white. India developed the aquatic rice which has been the basis of the “ancient” civilization of China.

But by the time of Adam Smith the idea that ANYTHING was INVENTED in India was a joke. Hence the “Arabic” numerals and the “Chinese” paddy culture.

China probably also got the wheel from the same source Egypt did, from the Indo-Europeans on the plains, though it came via the Hyksos.

If our mechanical civilization collapses, what will be left for later peoples to find? The fake classical buildings, stone monuments and the like. India has one or two steel relics that are a total puzzle to historians.

Like the whites who first came to America, historians are likely to find that White India was to Asia what the “Scythians” and Persians were to the Middle East.

Historians will do what they have always done. They will find these things and try to ram them into the popular historian framework of their time.

India was white. India was therefore the source of invention. This is a gross violation of Ex Oriente Lux as preached by Victorians and of Political Correctness as preached today.

The only thing wrong with that article was that he didn’t SAY states the ultimate heresy of our time. India got rid of the white race and ended up in a millennial catastrophe.

Or at least he didn’t have the space to state that as Bluntly as I like it done.

So I did it.