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Student Body Right

The Obama victory of 2012 taught the GOP one thing and only one thing. They are “doing it wrong!” Now, whether they realize it or not, they have been left with two options. And doing nothing different is not an option at this juncture. So, forget about it.

1) Move left and “moderate” their message; appeal to non-whites
2) Move RIGHT and attract & galvanize whites, on a personal level, with a consistent message

The first choice is even being advertised by moderates as The Only Viable Option for Republicans to regain relevance. Move left and Respectable Conservatives risk further disenfranchising their European American base. Many among the “conservative” constituency would see this for the betrayal it truly is and could abandon the old party completely.

The left demands that the solution to this “GOP demographic problem” is to Embrace Diversity & Morality, to “become less white.” All Republicrats need to be Less Racist. Alarm bells, horns, whistles, and flashing lights should be going off in their heads right about now. But, they’re not. They’re just experiencing an extreme amount of intestinal pain they can’t quite pinpoint.

Nobody is even talking about the second option because pundits are afraid of losing their cushy jobs. Move right and they run the risk of WINNING, and big. What I am about to say might come as a surprise to them. Nevertheless, it needs to be said. I submit to you, my fellow European Americans, that the Republican Party is not “racist” enough. More specifically, they are not white enough. After all, anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

So what does this mean?

Well, we already know what lies down the road of the liberal left. More massive immigration and forced assimilation. More non-white and anti-white voters. And a very few of us know what is in store for those who embrace the light at the end of the right tunnel.

Enter the Mantra.