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In a battle with the anti-whites, you have to either tailgate or make your points.

For example, BUGSERS report replies where they have been called names, again, but I have yet to see one single BUGSER who has SAID, “The only replies you ever make are personal insults.”

This is childish, this is the sign of a nut who has lost an argument.

But you have to SAY so.

Rule One is Do NOT tailgate.

Rule 2 is make YOUR point.Photobucket

It is NOT your job to be fair to people who are aiming to destroy you. You are in a vicious battle and the other side goes stomach up, and time and time again I see you ignore the chance to tear out that offered belly.

They constantly make dead wrong statements. You are worried to death you might say something wrong. So you are tempted to spend a lot of your time correcting them.

At the same time you are saving them time they could have to spend correcting YOU.

I have developed a technique where I get them off spending a lot of their time correcting me while I go back to accusing them of the real genocide they have in mind. You can leave the audience seeing clearly that they were correct on the details, but your point about genocide has been made.

TOO and Jared want to look good. We want to make our point. That is a fundamental difference between us. All things being equal, it is better for you to leave a good impression.

But all things are almost NEVER equal.

What matters to us is that people go away from our confrontations with the concept of white genocide firmly in their minds. It helps if it is made very, very clear that the other side only shrieks insults, but above all is the importance for the REASON they do that.

They scream to hide the reality we are forcing on them.

Once again, if you simply seek to answer their arguments, you are tailgating. What you must learn to do is to analyze WHY they are saying what they say and USE it.

The words, “You are justifying genocide” are critical. The word “silly” is critical.

Anything that just serves to make an argument is a defeat for you.


BUGSERS have one supreme advantage: We have no institution. The Occidental Quarterly, Jared, and even David, do.